The soloist `Brilliant` was the victim of a robbery

The soloist `Brilliant` was the victim of a robberyUpdated the soloist of group "Shining" Anna Dubovitskaya and Nadia Handle, barely shining on the horizon of domestic show business, have become victims of the robbery.The girls decided to spend a lovely may evening in the garden "Hermitage". Both of them had much to discuss. Anna Dubovitskaya, recently poured into the slender ranks of the most "brilliant" girls Russian show business, shared their impressions from past concerts. Nadia the Handle also had something to tell... As already wrote "Z", in January of this year, the girl put an end to the long-term relationship with singer Alexander Marshal. Wound dragged on slowly. The evening was warm, the girls are more tuned to the pastime. There were no signs of trouble.The attackUnexpectedly pop diva heard from the street the sound of breaking glass. Forgetting about the delicious dinner, the girls rushed to the car, but it was too late."We were very afraid, - has shared with "Z" Nadia Handle. - Especially as we relaxed. And then suddenly, like a bolt from the blue a man breaks the glass in the car Anya.PoliceRealizing that themselves with a situation they can't handle it, ladies called the police. But before he arrived the servants of order, it's been a while... Policemen "reassured" girls: it turns out that this fatal the may evening was not only "Brilliant". According to police, a car parked just at that cafe, where not lucky enough to dine Ana and Nadia, on this day, three times were attacked. The rioters broke Windows and smartly seized from the car navigation system.- Anya Navigator pulled out, " remembers the Handle. We immediately called the police. I had to wait a very long time.ReadingsHowever, even after the patrol arrived, the misadventures of girls is not over. Stern guards were not going to do any favors for VIP-persons. Tired Anna and Nadia had to go to the office to give evidence and make a report.- We until 4 a.m. fussed: pieces of paper was designed and expert waited, says "Z" singer. - I strongly doubt that he would be captured. And Hannah, now you need to upholster than one threshold in the hope of getting insurance. Source: lead singer of "Brilliant" was the victim of a robbery.

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