Jennifer Lopez will visit Moscow

Jennifer Lopez will visit MoscowJennifer Lopez, a successful actress and singer, and a mother of newborn twins, will arrive to Moscow in a few weeks.The organizers of "Muz-TV" will have to seriously prepare for her arrival: equip two separate sterile dressing, to get a few loaves of Cuban bread, as well as restock Swiss cheese and exotic fruits.The traditional preference list, compiled by international artists before coming to a foreign country, in the case of Jennifer is not very finicky. To necessary products singer considers the sliced Turkey, potato chips with sour cream and chives, and fresh strawberries and soft chocolate chip cookies. It is noteworthy that in the list there is absolutely no alcohol. Even the wait staff singer leads a healthy lifestyle in their diet will be vegetables, mint tea, caffeine-free and fresh juices.In addition to Jennifer Lopez, the ceremony to visit and other overseas visitors - popular band "30 SECONDS TO MARS". The guys in show business nothing at all - they were only a couple of years ago, and already have requests superstars. The list is several times longer and includes an insane amount of technology and equipment, access to high speed Internet from the dressing room, and a separate veggie menu. In addition to the salad blue cheese, diet yogurt and frozen burritos in the list of preferences included and alcohol: 2 bottles of wine, 48 bottles of beer and a liter-class whiskey.Even Paris Hilton is much more modest requests. In his penultimate arrival she asked me to surround her with flowers and full length mirrors, to give the cuts of meat and cheese, and to be in her room fruit lollipops. Easy was and a set of alcohol is a frequent guest of the Russian capital gave preference to vodka and tequila. Source: Jennifer Lopez will visit Moscow.

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