Natalia Morari to Strasbourg takes the complaint against Russia

Natalia Morari to Strasbourg takes the complaint against RussiaThe correspondent of The New Times, a citizen of Moldova Natalia Morar, which banned entry to the territory of the Russian Federation, stated that it will file a complaint against the government of the Russian Federation at the European court of human rights, reports "Interfax".We will remind, on March 1, Morari and her husband Ilya Barabanov returned to Kishinev."I hope that this week we will prepare all the necessary documents and go to Strasbourg to file the appeal," she said in the night of Tuesday in the broadcast TV Chisinau PRO TV.She recalled that in December last year, she was denied entry to the territory of Russia under the pretext that it "poses a threat to the security of Russia". Journalism believes that the real reason for the ban was her articles critical of the Kremlin.Morari was deported in Chisinau, however, came out on December 23, married to a Russian journalist Ilya Barabanov, at the end of last week again tried to enter the territory of Russia. The journalist was in the border area for three days, after which he was forced to return to Chisinau due to health problems.Morar said that, under the European Convention on human rights, the family can not be separated, what happened in her case. In addition, according to her, in her case violated the right to life, because for three days she was in the airport "Domodedovo", she did not provide food and water.Journalism claims that while at the airport she was not even possible, will take care of personal hygiene, and elementary access to the socket to charge the mobile phone.Morar said that she was not given the reasoning of the repeated refusal of entry on the territory of Russia, which also infringes upon her fundamental rights.She is also unhappy with the lack of support from Chisinau and intends on Tuesday to visit the Ministry of foreign Affairs and European integration of Moldova, where he asked the Moldovan authorities to contribute more actively to solve its problems.Recall, Morar, which in December was denied entry to Russia, arrived with her husband Ilya Barabanov (reporter from the same newspaper, the citizen of Russia) in Moscow on 27 February, but it again was not allowed in the Russian Federation. The journalist refused to return to Moldova and stayed with her husband in Domodedovo three days, demanding to let her lawyer and inform them of the period for which she is denied entry into the Russian Federation. Source: Natalia Morari to Strasbourg takes the complaint against Russia.

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