Guitarist `Bon Jovi` Cathal daughter in a car while drunk

Guitarist `Bon Jovi` Cathal daughter in a car while drunkGuitarist for the popular American rock band "Bon Jovi" Richie Sambora arrested in California on suspicion of driving under the influence.48-year-old musician was arrested Tuesday night in Laguna beach. The reason for the arrest become a strange "maneuvers" that black SUV Hummer, at the wheel which there was a guitarist, performing on the road, ITAR-TAS.According to police Sergeant Jason Kravetz, Sambora was arrested after the test for the presence of alcohol. After a brief imprisonment he was released. "The detainee's attitude was quite friendly" in relation to employees of law enforcement services, said Kravetz. The musician must appear in court March 7.At the moment of detention in a car driven by Sambora, there were three women, two of whom are minors. According to the magazine US Magazine, citing its own sources, one of the girls was 10-year-old daughter Sambora - Ava. Thus, it can be also charged that he was subjected to the danger of a child's life.In April 2007, Sambora divorced Heather Locklear, mother of ava. After that he was having an affair with actress Denise Richard, with whom he broke up, too. In June 2007, Sambora was undergoing treatment for alcoholism. Previously, he was repeatedly arrested for drunk driving. Source: Guitar player "Bon Jovi" Cathal daughter in a car while drunk.

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