Critics of `bought` victory Bilan `Eurovision`

Critics of `bought` victory Bilan `Eurovision`Critics and artists have expressed their opinion about the victory Bilan on EurovisionDanilko:"I'm very disappointed, namely the given points. Everyone forgot that this song contest is judged not show and performers, and their nationality. It drives me so nuts! Me while watching wanted to rant and rave. Our Lorak, done of course - and did a good job, and classy room from her. And here Russia gave us a total of 8 points - they were just afraid for their victory.Right that Dima Bilan gave the first place, let finally Russia will hold the Eurovision song contest. Bilan was mentally tough, I saw he was worried. He very hesitantly stood on the stage. Rooms, shows, in fact he was not. And in 2006, it is much better.I on Ukraine still hurt! In other countries, if the contractor takes the second place, he's a hero. And we have the commentator just said: "Before pobachennja". No discussion, no support! You remember when Bilan took second place, he became for Russians simply a national hero! And we have no interest in performers. I then looked RTR, so there throats tear up, shout, scream "Dima is the best!". And we have silence. If no winning and no."Encore" (Dima Bikbaev and Vlad Sokolovsky):"All bought!".Michael Margolis ("News"):"From a professional point of view, it is, frankly, not convincing. Victory in the current Euro Dima brought exclusively the voices of the citizens of the former republics of the sisters and our emigrant Diaspora. Bilan - champion and singer for internal use. Admire its international success with a kind, knowing smile".Boris Barabanov ("Kommersant"):"If we talk specifically about the victory for Dima Bilan, it is important first of all to the Russian consumer, even though this consumer and so overfed Bilan utterly.Of course, this title enhances the action of the artist. The already exorbitant fees singer corporate parties will grow even more, and the credibility of Yana Rudkovskaya, in the few years which has made a meteoric career from simple Sochi cosmetic bags up to the main producer country singer. Perhaps, for the business lady the victory of mister Bilan even more important.This victory was necessary to her, and as an argument in endless quarrels with her ex-husband and former investor singer - brother-in-law of the Moscow mayor Victor botulinum. Although the latter even after the victory Bilan calls him a mediocre actor.For the external market to win the Eurovision song contest means nothing. In countries that define the musical fashion of the moment, it is rather an occasion for irony, for all the tinsel and the noise on the sales of the artists affected minimally. And if, say, Swedes or Norwegians were sent to Eurovision properly prepared with numbers corresponding to the spirit of the competition, the French sent an unwinnable song intelligent electronic decadent Sebastien Tellier, and the Irish and even Dustin the Turkey, a doll from the TV show.That is not to send anyone at all kind of inconvenient, but the event still need to Express very clearly. By the way, Dima Bilan is going to release in this year's Spanish-language album, so let's see whether it's advertised as "the winner of "Eurovision" or as "Russian Enrique Iglesias""".Alex Mazaev ("InterMedia"):"I'm not rooting for Bilan, because he deserved to win much less than, for example, two years ago. Barefoot, with red eyes, strained all sort of - it seems that Plushenko himself was embarrassed to be with him on stage.Interestingly, the Studio channel "Russia" also reacted to the outcome of the contest casually - well won and won. And this is the only appropriate response - and not hysterical Andrey Malakhov. "Russia" in the organization of the national selection generally differed from the "First" business approach. Instead of mystery and intrigue - an open selection (with a predefined result), instead accurascope "vote for Sorcerer" governance the chanting of hard rockers and irony Rustle, instead Malakhovsky howl - worthy victory celebration. And the best song was the Turks".Sergey Stillavin ("Lighthouse"):"Our song was really the most professionally sharpened under a kind of "anthem" of Europe - the song "kachny", driving, moderately solemn and immediately tied - I want to sing all day if I hear.Victory was due to the fact that our set designers have finally plucked up the courage to point blunt Europeans that how much in this world: the stage was framed by the blue flames, and only a complete idiot could fail to understand that the viewer hint: on whose gas are you, dog, fry your steak?! The dog changed his mind and, mindful of the coming winter, Gazprom decided not to disappoint and to give Russia the first place as a gesture of goodwill resource-poor consumer.Artemy Troitsky:"The first point. I always enjoy the victories of his country, but not on any battlefield and without any cost. Explain: the Eurovision song contest is not exactly the place where victory can be proud of as a national achievement. Unlike, say, football or hockey Cup, where victory goes in a fair fight, at the expense of skill and character, on the Eurovision song contest Russia's victory provided a great talent Dima Bilan, and the votes of the representatives of the Russian Diaspora, scattered over the former Soviet Union and Israel.The second paragraph. What is generally the triumph of Russian culture can be discussed if your song Dima Bilan sang in broken English? Having a huge head start, about a hundred points due to the votes of our countrymen in the near and far abroad, we can sing a song in their native language, as, incidentally, do and former Yugoslavs, and the Israelis, the French, the Spaniards, and many others." Source: Criticism of "bought" victory Bilan on Eurovision.

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