Sobchak will participate in a photo shoot for `Kvira`

Sobchak will participate in a photo shoot for `Kvira`Scandalously vicious TV presenter of the popular project channel TNT "House-2" Ksenia Sobchak is preparing to try on the role of men.The socialite will be the most famous post-Soviet space in the magazine for gay "Queer".Curiosities"The blonde in chocolate" was very surprised by the editorial staff of the newspaper, when suddenly she called and offered to do a revealing photoshoot.- We were contacted by her and told that he wants to play for us, " spoke about the unexpected proposal sex teacher "Z" Deputy chief editor of "Queer". - We are now considering this proposal, because it is somewhat not our format. Let it be any girl, and though in what way, but still we are not that public.However, the daughter of a prominent politician in the perseverance and talent of persuasion would not be denied. She still insisted, and with triumph began to prepare for a scandalous photo shoot.- Yes, I will participate in a photo shoot for "Kvira" - said "Z" Ksenia, but for all details sent to your personal PR agent.ImagesBefore the readers of the magazine Ksenia will appear in a few unusual for her. The first, which she considers the most sexy and luxurious, the image of the businessman, around which, in erotic poses are located several naked men.The second image is a work from the construction site: the creative TV presenter wearing an orange construction vest and helmet. In her delicate hands, She would squeeze... hefty construction drill, and the person vigoleno screen beauty will cover a thick layer of dirt. The third incarnation of sophisticated imagination Sobchak will be brutal boxer in a silk robe and a traditional red shorts. Around dressed as Malediwy revolves two sweaty beefy masseur.ShootingScandalous shooting is tentatively scheduled for 19 th day of this month.- Xenia is very interested in this work. Now she's on the road, but once I get back to Moscow, so will start immediately and told the personal assistant of Malediwy. Source: Sobchak will participate in a photo shoot for "Kvira"".

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