Heroes `Woe from wit` will sing for the first time

Heroes `Woe from wit` will sing for the first timeThe immortal heroes of Comedy Griboyedov "Woe from wit" will sing for the first time, informed RIA Novosti the press service of the theater.Playwright Vadim Zhuk together with composer Sergei Nikitin began with the creation of a new original project specifically for the theater "School of modern play" - it will be a musical performance by Comedy Griboyedov "Woe from wit".He will continue the tradition of those performances and the direction that largely determine creative person of the theater "School of modern play", including such titles as "why are you in a Tux?" or "Seagull. A real operetta.They are based on Russian classics, retold in modern language, literary and musical.Khrestomatiia Griboyedov's Comedy staged repeatedly in theaters in Russia and abroad, never received musical incarnation. Here the theater "school of modern drama" will be a pioneer.For now just play the genre is not defined. Perhaps it will be "Opera acting" or "dramatic musical", but already it is safe to say that the show will be hilarious and extremely witty, as it happens in the theater "School of modern play". Famous writer, satirist and humorist Vadim Zhuk and composer and bard Sergey Nikitin will complete its work on the text and the score no later than may of this year. Source: Heroes of "Woe from wit" will sing for the first time.

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