Natalia Podolskaya is preparing to become a mother

Natalia Podolskaya is preparing to become a motherNatalya Podolskaya and Vladimir Presnyakov - one of the most beautiful pair of modern show business. They do everything together - live, sing, go to hangouts. As will soon become parents.Anyway the nursery lovers in their new posh apartment on the streets of Minsk already arranged. About Natalia and Vladimir has told to the correspondent of the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda"."However, while this room is more like a Cabinet. God willing, soon to be baby! And when the baby gets here, and then the dog will have. Want only as long as the pace of life does not allow. Just don't make big eyes, I'm not pregnant!" - says Natalia.From prying eyes luxury apartments hidden behind a high fence. Entry to the territory - by pass. Flat artists is located on the 13th floor. Large apartment divided the hall into two parts. To the right is a spacious living room combined with kitchen, near the guest room. To the left is the master bedroom, closet and large bathroom with Jacuzzi."When we first got here, we didn't want to leave the house for a week!I over comfort working constantly. Noticed in our apartment a lot of photos. The main rule: no cards, which depict the same person. I Vova - in Rome, in Greece, in Las Vegas, or my parents. They say home is better not to hang pictures where you one. It appears, thus doomed to loneliness... And we have the idea to put at the entrance two large black and white photos in full growth. Stylish should work," says Podolsky.Natalia Podolskaya is the third wife of Vladimir. Recall that the first wife of the singer was Orbakajte, the second - Elena Lenskaya. With both Presnyakov could not live with."We have to Rave a little different relationship. I deliberately do not look to give her something or not. We generally are not talking seriously. Can't stop laughing. This hippie-household family. Wanted Breakfast - made. Or asked, she did. Women tend to push to the wall. The rave fellow! It while I set ajar. Feels drive," says Presnyakov.But even in a hippie household family quarrels can not be avoided. Sometimes they happen on home soil. As recognized Vladimir, first reconciliation is more to Natalia."I'm more Horny. Aries horoscope. I can't help myself! I get such a surge of energy that the vase might fall off or the bulb burst. Wouldn't believe me even expel from the Studio, when I suited to the technique. Say: Vovan? go away!" - said Vladimir.While the relationship of this happy couple has not been formalized. Although they share not only a strong love, but wedding in Las Vegas. But, unfortunately, she was under Russian law is not considered an official marriage."I'm sure the wedding will be necessary. But this should come. Especially after my and Volodine a failed previous relationship. Silly to say that I don't dream of marrying the man she loved. Dream! But to push him I will not. He knows I love him," - says Natalia. Source: Natalia Podolskaya is preparing to become a mother.

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