Gennady Bachinsky found a replacement

Gennady Bachinsky found a replacementAfter the tragic death of well - known TV and radio host Gennady Bachinsky morning show on radio "Mayak", which Gennady led together with his colleague Sergei Stillavin, was forced to close. Then Sergey has returned to the air one.A new morning show called "Sergey Stillavin and his friends". And while the listeners, and Sergei himself, to get used to the inevitable change, the search continued for a suitable co-host for Stillavin.And now, after almost two months after the death of Gennady Bachinsky such a person is found. Paired with Stillavin will now work known commentator, TV and radio presenter Vasily Utkin."I accepted the proposal of Sergei Arkhipov, said Utkin. - Monday (Tuesday, closed on Monday) I host the morning show at "Mayak" together with Stillavin. Will see what happens. This is a new challenge in life, so it's interesting.".

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