Kirkorov face trial for the export of currency from Israel

Kirkorov face trial for the export of currency from IsraelBecame known the shocking details of the international scandal that erupted in Israel because of financial machinations of Philip Kirkorov.As he wrote yesterday, "Your DAY", the artist is suspected of tax evasion from the sum exceeding three and a half million rubles.In the documents discovered by the tax service tel Aviv, marked with different fees by artist: first - official - $24 000 and the second, that which is not revealed to the tax authorities of us $180 000.Given the fact that $10 000 Philip received in advance in April, in a pocket Kirkorov, thus, apparently, left no less than $146 000 - more than 3.5 million rubles.How did you find "TD", precious "the difference" Filipp Kirkorov smuggled across the border in the Luggage. Share earned in Israel banknotes with the state of the actor, apparently, and didn't want to declare $146 000 did not. Similar frauds in charge any performance - simple or star citizen is punishable by criminal liability.PastWe will remind, it any more the first case when Philip carries the serious amounts of Luggage across the border. In 2006, the pop king already had such problems.Then during a trip to nice, which became fatal for star, Kirkorov lost the suitcase with a large sum of money, jewellery and documents.Before departure to Moscow at the local airport suitcase disappeared with the most valuable and necessary things - money, credit cards, documents, records new songs, the original version of the new video, jewels. All of its contents are a singer then valued at more than a million euros.TourWhile the tax service are doing Kirkorov, Israel is not the dust settles on the recent tour of the artist. In tel Aviv, speaking the language of theatre critics, concerts Philip failed miserably. Three concerts, pretentiously named "gala", held at... open the door. Capital indoor stadium, designed for 11,000 spectators, was almost empty.- Tickets were sold under the scheme two-for-one - told "Your DAY" Boris N., who was involved in the ticket distribution. - Concerts of Philip Bedrosovich, if I may say so, was a financial failure. Is financially successful concert run the public for free?Learning about the catastrophic situation with the sale of tickets, Kirkorov flatly refused to go in front of an empty hall. We must pay tribute to the ingenuity of the Israeli producers - they organized buses for the elderly who live in nursing homes, who will visit the show of the stars. However, among the elderly wishing to enjoy the singing of Philip Bedrosovich was a bit.- The chip is not formed, probably, " says Boris. - I am sure that in the near future, neither the producer will not be invited Kirkorov in Israel. Losses no one wants to... Source: Kirkorov face trial for the export of currency from Israel.

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