Celebrities have a tendency of luxury is rooted in the past

Celebrities have a tendency of luxury is rooted in the pastZhanna Friske wore a taffeta dress, so popular in the middle of the last century, Valeria tries on a bathing suit of the disco era, and Natasha Koroleva demonstrates vintage malachite sundress.It would seem that the stars are wealthy people. Their wardrobe is replenished daily outfits fashion brands, stylists choose original images and sew exclusive outfits for performances. But the trend of luxury is rooted in the past. The stars are not goatse clothes from second-hand stores in the fashion style vintage.Rarities in the field of clothing, the most popular items of past years often taste of our contemporaries. Appeal to the vintage adds in the way of originality, this technique has long enjoyed a Western star. Among fans of old clothes stand out Kate moss and Sienna Miller. Kate not only wears things from the past, but also actively promotes the idea of vintage in your collection of clothes.The Western stars were joined by Russian celebrities. One of the first became interested in vintage fashion historian Alexander Vasilyev, its successful experience picked up Renata Litvinova - for actress vintage dresses have become an integral element of an image.Collecting fashion hits of the past and Ekaterina Rozhdestvenskaya. In her archive had accumulated so many dresses that will last for the whole of the Russian show business. Catherine was invited to his Studio pop stars - and thus was born the new album of vintage photographs."The idea of lying on the surface, and work was very simple. The project is based on childhood memories, that each of us remembers. It was nice to dive into the past and try on dresses of our grandmothers. The spirit of the era of Marilyn Monroe vital at the site, and we worked in a great mood. Many artist are so accustomed to the way that didn't want to clean yourself up after shooting. And left retromature. It was very nice," says Ekaterina Rozhdestvenskaya.The photographer says that the project is, primarily, a historical character, and then fashionable. So, Anastasia Tsvetaeva's not just flaunts and showcases plastic decoration in the form of cherries, popular in America during the great depression. And Oksana Pushkina, trying demi-season coat, tells all about the trends of the seventies."The album not only revives the old Goodies, he forces to plunge into the past, to the interest details. And only beautiful women who have achieved success, can convey the beauty of vintage fashion," says Ekaterina Rozhdestvenskaya. Source: celebrity trend of luxury is rooted in the past.

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