Sofia Rotaru was not an accident

Sofia Rotaru was not an accidentThe head a press-services of management of traffic police UMVD of Lviv region Svetlana Dobrovolskaya not confirmed the information about the accident, which hit Sofia Rotaru last Saturday in the outskirts of the city.- In management of traffic police official information on this incident is not. I heard the news from journalists. We even tested it on all the hospitals, but we have nothing confirmed, " she said.- I Sofia Mikhailovna called immediately after the accident, " said the daughter - in-law and producer Rotaru Svetlana Evdokimenko. Said that she was all right, but she was frightened for the driver and Olya. Fortunately, they escaped with a fright, because they were wearing. Car Sofia Mikhailovna was out onto the main road when they were hit. Who is to blame in this accident, get into the SAI. We inspectors have caused, but on the spot remained only the driver, Sofia Mikhailovna of the village in a van that followed the Mercedes, and drove off to the hotel.On the question of the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda", why the recent news about Sofia Rotaru joyless (then loot it, then it's operation falls), Ms. Evdokimenko assumed it was either the machinations of rivals looking to break a big tour Rotaru, or unscrupulous journalists:- I don't know who stands to gain by spreading such rumours. The fact that we are now preparing a big tour in Russia. While these rumors may disrupt it: who wants to deal with a singer who is preparing for surgery? I think it intrigues of competitors or unscrupulous journalists. Source: Sofia Rotaru was not an accident.

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