Celine Dion has an unhealthy passion for shoes

Celine Dion has an unhealthy passion for shoesFamous singer Celine Dion has said that she is the happy owner of three thousand pairs of different shoes - shoes, boots, sandals, and boots.40-year-old canadian star has admitted he can't stop buying shoes, because she lacks the will power, reports The Sun. She added that her Hobbies are shopping and golfing. "I have from 2 thousand to 3 thousand pairs of shoes," said the singer.Celine Dion also said he wants to have another baby, because being a mother is her most important role in life.Note that such an unhealthy passion for shoes is not only Dion, but other rich celebrities such as Elton John. He also has several hundred pairs of shoes, 6 years ago, the singer even organized the auction, which sold 600 pair of boring shoes. Source: Celine Dion Has an unhealthy passion for shoes.

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