Pugacheva became ill during a speech

Pugacheva became ill during a speechSpeaking at the anniversary party in honor of the birthday of the famous poet Ilya Reznik, diva are unable to congratulate the birthday boy because of the sharply deteriorating health.From the first moments of Alla Borisovna in the State Kremlin Palace, it became clear that the prima Donna is not feeling well.Going down the stairs to the stage door, she was holding on to the wall - move helped her guards.In this condition diva hardly would go to casinos or a secular party, but miss the anniversary party of a close friend she could not, under any circumstances.- Alla Borisovna a very bad feeling, " admitted "Z" the concert organizers. - Besides, she was going to sing four songs in a row that she rarely does.PainAlone in the dressing room, Pugachev chose this evening to communicate with colleagues on stage and went for a few moments before she announced.After three songs to the soundtrack, fourth Alla Borisovna has decided to perform live. Such an experiment is not the best impact on her health. As soon as the singer began to congratulate the country on the anniversary, he heard a gasp. Alla Borisovna and only managed to whisper:- I now even easier to sing than to speak.Perhaps the artist was worth to keep ligaments and congratulate the celebrant personally behind the scenes.KirkorovThe big surprise for the guests was the phrase Pugacheva thrown to the former spouse of Philip Kirkorov. During the song "you're Invited to the sunset, which was at one time devoted to it, Alla Borisovna shouted into the microphone.- What!? You do not need! - for no hurt Pugachev king of pop.As already wrote "Z", a year ago a similar situation happened at Luzhniki stadium during the filming of the project "New songs about the main thing". Then diva is the first solo artist performed the song "Cold", which she recorded a duet with Philip. While Alla sang this hit, behind the scenes Kirkorov could not hold back the tears...The brideBut another star Russian singer Natasha Koroleva tonight felt just fine. Natasha came on the anniversary of Reznik without a spouse Tarzan... and chic wedding dress!- Wow! - exclaimed the singer, fell under a barrage of camera flashes. - I have long had this photo shoot was not! I have constant bride, are you not aware of? I Lolita said, "Natasha, you're a constant bride!".

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