The ranking of the most sexy vegetarian

The ranking of the most sexy vegetarian Popular magazine "Maxim" was rated the most sexy vegetarian, representatives of show business.The top line under the version of Maxim took charming Natalie Portman. She became a vegetarian at 8 years old.In second place was actress and singer Alicia Milano. She recently participated in a promotion PETA titled "Let vegetarianism grow in you" (Let Vegetarianism Grow on You"). For this action she dressed up in a dress made of lettuce leaves...The third place of the rating gave Shannon Elizabeth starred in the movie "American pie." Besides acting, Shannon is professionally engaged in the game of poker.In fourth place Czech model Petra Nemcova.The fifth singer Avril Lavigne.The sixth - actress and showwomen Pamela Anderson...The seventh - singer Joss stone...The eighth - actress Rachel Leigh cook.The ninth model Sophie monk.And on the tenth - actress Kylie Becks. Source: the Ranking of the most sexy vegetarian (photo). . Читать полностью -->

Pugacheva became ill during a speech

Pugacheva became ill during a speechSpeaking at the anniversary party in honor of the birthday of the famous poet Ilya Reznik, diva are unable to congratulate the birthday boy because of the sharply deteriorating health.From the first moments of Alla Borisovna in the State Kremlin Palace, it became clear that the prima Donna is not feeling well.Going down the stairs to the stage door, she was holding on to the wall - move helped her guards.In this condition diva hardly would go to casinos or a secular party, but miss the anniversary party of a close friend she could not, under any circumstances.- Alla Borisovna a very bad feeling, " admitted "Z" the concert organizers. - Besides, she was going to sing four songs in a row that she rarely does.PainAlone in the dressing room, Pugachev chose this evening to communicate with colleagues on stage and went for a few moments before she announced.After three songs to the soundtrack, fourth Alla Borisovna has decided to perform live. Such an experiment is not the best impact on her health. As soon as the singer began to congratulate the country on the anniversary, he heard a gasp. Alla Borisovna and only managed to whisper:- I now even easier to sing than to speak.Perhaps the artist was worth to keep ligaments and congratulate the celebrant personally behind the scenes.KirkorovThe big surprise for the guests was the phrase Pugacheva thrown to the former spouse of Philip Kirkorov. During the song "you're Invited to the sunset, which was at one time devoted to it, Alla Borisovna shouted into the microphone.- What!? You do not need! - for no hurt Pugachev king of pop.As already wrote "Z", a year ago a similar situation happened at Luzhniki stadium during the filming of the project "New songs about the main thing". Читать полностью -->

Celine Dion has an unhealthy passion for shoes

Celine Dion has an unhealthy passion for shoesFamous singer Celine Dion has said that she is the happy owner of three thousand pairs of different shoes - shoes, boots, sandals, and boots.40-year-old canadian star has admitted he can't stop buying shoes, because she lacks the will power, reports The Sun. She added that her Hobbies are shopping and golfing. "I have from 2 thousand to 3 thousand pairs of shoes," said the singer.Celine Dion also said he wants to have another baby, because being a mother is her most important role in life.Note that such an unhealthy passion for shoes is not only Dion, but other rich celebrities such as Elton John. He also has several hundred pairs of shoes, 6 years ago, the singer even organized the auction, which sold 600 pair of boring shoes. Source: Celine Dion Has an unhealthy passion for shoes. . Читать полностью -->

Sofia Rotaru was not an accident

Sofia Rotaru was not an accidentThe head a press-services of management of traffic police UMVD of Lviv region Svetlana Dobrovolskaya not confirmed the information about the accident, which hit Sofia Rotaru last Saturday in the outskirts of the city.- In management of traffic police official information on this incident is not. I heard the news from journalists. We even tested it on all the hospitals, but we have nothing confirmed, " she said.- I Sofia Mikhailovna called immediately after the accident, " said the daughter - in-law and producer Rotaru Svetlana Evdokimenko. Said that she was all right, but she was frightened for the driver and Olya. Fortunately, they escaped with a fright, because they were wearing. Car Sofia Mikhailovna was out onto the main road when they were hit. Читать полностью -->

Celebrities have a tendency of luxury is rooted in the past

Celebrities have a tendency of luxury is rooted in the pastZhanna Friske wore a taffeta dress, so popular in the middle of the last century, Valeria tries on a bathing suit of the disco era, and Natasha Koroleva demonstrates vintage malachite sundress.It would seem that the stars are wealthy people. Their wardrobe is replenished daily outfits fashion brands, stylists choose original images and sew exclusive outfits for performances. But the trend of luxury is rooted in the past. The stars are not goatse clothes from second-hand stores in the fashion style vintage.Rarities in the field of clothing, the most popular items of past years often taste of our contemporaries. Appeal to the vintage adds in the way of originality, this technique has long enjoyed a Western star. Among fans of old clothes stand out Kate moss and Sienna Miller. Читать полностью -->

Kirkorov face trial for the export of currency from Israel

Kirkorov face trial for the export of currency from IsraelBecame known the shocking details of the international scandal that erupted in Israel because of financial machinations of Philip Kirkorov.As he wrote yesterday, "Your DAY", the artist is suspected of tax evasion from the sum exceeding three and a half million rubles.In the documents discovered by the tax service tel Aviv, marked with different fees by artist: first - official - $24 000 and the second, that which is not revealed to the tax authorities of us $180 000.Given the fact that $10 000 Philip received in advance in April, in a pocket Kirkorov, thus, apparently, left no less than $146 000 - more than 3.5 million rubles.How did you find "TD", precious "the difference" Filipp Kirkorov smuggled across the border in the Luggage. Share earned in Israel banknotes with the state of the actor, apparently, and didn't want to declare $146 000 did not. Similar frauds in charge any performance - simple or star citizen is punishable by criminal liability.PastWe will remind, it any more the first case when Philip carries the serious amounts of Luggage across the border. In 2006, the pop king already had such problems.Then during a trip to nice, which became fatal for star, Kirkorov lost the suitcase with a large sum of money, jewellery and documents.Before departure to Moscow at the local airport suitcase disappeared with the most valuable and necessary things - money, credit cards, documents, records new songs, the original version of the new video, jewels. All of its contents are a singer then valued at more than a million euros.TourWhile the tax service are doing Kirkorov, Israel is not the dust settles on the recent tour of the artist. In tel Aviv, speaking the language of theatre critics, concerts Philip failed miserably. Читать полностью -->

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