Kate moss has replaced drugs for cocktails

Kate moss has replaced drugs for cocktails It seems that recently the British model does day and night "tastes" cocktails, occasionally being distracted by "to get home and sleep".On Monday the paparazzi once again became the owners of a very interesting photo well drunken and barely standing on his feet Kate.Before that, on Thursday, Kate and Kelly Osbourne walked in the Punk club in SOHO until closing.In both cases, the 34-year-old Kate left the club with his head down and holding on to her current boyfriend Jamie Hintza. Source: Kate moss has replaced drugs for cocktails (photos). . . . . Читать полностью -->

Information about the sex of the child Alsu leaked to the media

Information about the sex of the child Alsu leaked to the mediaSinger Alsou now he is bringing an eight month old daughter Safina and is preparing soon to become the mother of a second baby. Boy or girl, the parents figured out for themselves, but to share this information until then did not want."We already thought of the name, but it, like the sex of the baby, do not disclose, said Alsu Days.Ru. - Wait a bit - soon a miracle will be born, and we will tell everyone his name and who came up with the name. That's only the baby show will not - let at first sight.However, information about the sex of the baby yet leaked to the press. According to "Komsomolskaya Pravda", the couple daughter again. The news about the second girl happy spouses. Читать полностью -->

The soloist `Brilliant` was the victim of a robbery

The soloist `Brilliant` was the victim of a robberyUpdated the soloist of group "Shining" Anna Dubovitskaya and Nadia Handle, barely shining on the horizon of domestic show business, have become victims of the robbery.The girls decided to spend a lovely may evening in the garden "Hermitage". Both of them had much to discuss. Anna Dubovitskaya, recently poured into the slender ranks of the most "brilliant" girls Russian show business, shared their impressions from past concerts. Nadia the Handle also had something to tell... As already wrote "Z", in January of this year, the girl put an end to the long-term relationship with singer Alexander Marshal. Wound dragged on slowly. Читать полностью -->

Boxer died after losing the battle

Boxer died after losing the battle22-year-old Filipino boxer Alex Ara died soon after the next fight in the professional ring. On Monday 4 February Ara was defeated by his compatriot, Arnela Tadini and soon felt the pain in my stomach.The athlete died when he was transported from one hospital to another, according to the online edition boxingconfidential.com.According to the Manager of APOE genes Rex Salud, during the fight, the boxer has not received serious damages and generally never in his career has not been knocked down. About an hour after the fight, Ara complained of abdominal pain and that he could not urinate.The athlete was taken to a nearby hospital, but it was necessary to help the boxer equipment. The doctor advised me to take him to another hospital, and on the way there Ara died. The exact cause of death has yet been found, but in the near future pathologists will conduct an autopsy on the body of a boxer.Alex Ara, acting in category to 47.6 pounds spent on a professional ring 20, has a record of 12 wins (6 KOs), suffered 6 defeats and have completed 2 of the duel in a draw. Source: boxer died after losing the battle. Читать полностью -->

Found the remains do not belong bodrovu

Found the remains do not belong bodrovuAs explained in the MOE, the location of the group Bodrov is still controversial, but these remains are found too far.Human remains found in Karmadon (Genaldon) gorge, can't belong to anyone from the film crew of Sergey Bodrov Jr., said the head of the press service of the Ministry of emergency situations of North Ossetia Vladimir Ivanov."The last place you find the group Bodrov is a contentious issue, but we know that they were blocked by the debris flow mass accurately to Karmadon gates, as these remains are found is much lower, it is possible that this may be the remains of any of the group Bodrov," said Ivanov, reports Lenta.Ru.Earlier it was reported that the remains will be sent for forensic and genetic-molecular examination. It is expected that the results will be known at the end of next week, said the Agency specialist of forensic medical examination of North Ossetia.The Ministry of internal Affairs of North Ossetia, also expressed doubt that the remains may belong to Sergey bodrovu or someone from members of his crew, believes that, most likely, this is the remains of a man who was at the recreation center on the day of the disaster.We will remind, the car, presumably the brand "Moskvich", with human remains inside found on March 20 in the debris flow mass near Karmadon gates workers mining club "Cascade".The descent of the glacier Kolka 20 September 2002, according to scientists, was the largest in scale of glacier disasters recorded. Weight of ice, water and rocks, moving with a speed of 150 to 170 kilometers per hour, destroyed the village of Upper Karmadon, and destroyed the infrastructure of the gorges of the river Genaldon and Chiseldon.As a result of the disaster, the damage from which was estimated at 547 million rubles, killing over a hundred people, most of which are still considered missing. Source: Found the remains do not belong bodrovu. . . Читать полностью -->

Australian journal of apology to Prince Harry

Australian journal of apology to Prince HarryAustralian women's magazine New Idea in its today's issue is brought to their apology for disclosing information about military service Britain's Prince Harry in Afghanistan."We broke the ban (on the dissemination of this information) unconsciously, as we did not participate in any agreement with the media, banning of publications," reports the magazine."But we recognize that our actions on the publication of this story can be seen as tactless and irresponsible," notes the magazine.23-year-old Prince Harry in February was quickly evacuated from Afghanistan , after the information about his presence there was leaked to the press. Source: Australian journal of apology to Prince Harry. . . . . Читать полностью -->

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