Lemons the second time will be a father

Lemons the second time will be a father Just a year ago Eddie first became a father, and that in 63 years. His wife is actress Ekaterina Volkova ("the KGB in a tuxedo") - bore him a son Bogdan.And here's Kate again in an interesting position.In three months I will become a mother! - said "KP" actress.They say that Lemons dreams of a daughter. According to Volkova, husband and decided on two children not to stop. Very much he liked the role of the father of the family. Source: Lemons for the second time will be a father (photo). . Читать полностью -->

Husband of Madonna refused to have sex because of fad diets

Husband of Madonna refused to have sex because of fad dietsHusband pop idol Madonna, 39-year-old Director guy Ritchie, sat on a fashionable diet - now he only eats biscuits - and no longer want to have sex with her 49-year-old wife, told the star in an interview with radio Phoenix."My husband went on a diet, and it's just awful, because he no longer wants to have sex," said Madonna on the show Johnjay and Rich.It is reported that diet intake of only 800 calories a day help to lose weight such stars as Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Hudson. Now, with her weight trying to lose guy Ritchie, according to FOXNews."He really lost a lot of weight, but he didn't have so much to lose weight. I think he went for it, because all his friends were sitting on this diet. He decided to find out whether he will be able to refuse food," said Madonna.Dr. Sanford Siegel, who developed the diet in 1975, commented on the statement of the Madonna noting that "he treated more than 500 thousand patients and can't remember that though some of them reported similar effects of diet on their sexual appetites".He added: "as for my cookies, they are really tasty. However, I can't imagine a person, who for the sake of them will refuse to have sex". Читать полностью -->

Russia still has not chosen a party `Eurovision-2008`

Russia still has not chosen a party `Eurovision-2008`Many countries have already identified the players who will travel to Belgrade on the musical contest "Eurovision". Who will represent Russia, remains a mystery. According to press reports, in Serbia is going to go by Dima Bilan.He allegedly even has his own song that he recorded in the United States and which is determined to win. In addition, according to rumors, to conquer Belgrade this year is also going Sergey Lazarev. However, neither he nor his representatives do not confirm this information, reports RIA "Novosti".Russian singer Varvara, which has twice been one of the candidates for participation in "Eurovision", said the third time to participate in the qualifying round is not going to. Despite entreaties from the fans and press, Barbara firm in his decision: according to her, the competition is a competition of companies representing singers, not musicians themselves. Читать полностью -->

Fidel Castro reveals the secrets of his life

Fidel Castro reveals the secrets of his lifeFidel Castro announced his intention to write a memoir. About this former Cuban leader told local reporters. He promised to start "writing" as soon as he "time permits".The fee for future journalistic work Castro intends to send to the publication of books for workers in the Cuban health system. Earlier, the 81-year-old Castro had expressed the wish to memorialize significant events of your life on paper. He expressed regret that previously were not recorded, and now can not remember the details of some events.Recall that Fidel Castro for 49 years was the permanent leader of Cuba. He graduated from the law faculty of the University of Havana. Читать полностью -->

Wonderful actor Igor Kvasha is 75 years old

Wonderful actor Igor Kvasha is 75 years oldPeople's artist of Russia, the leading actor of the Moscow theater "Sovremennik" Igor Kvasha, who on 4 February marks the 75th anniversary, their birthday will hold a dress rehearsal of the play.The show is headlined by a line from a poem by Eduard Bagritsky, "Oh! you don't Hotasa l under the handle to walk?" Genre performances, which the wizard prepares young artists designated as "75 minutes of love, poetry and music," ITAR-TASS reported.On a broader public new work will present the 9th of February and now it will show only - exclusively from the "Contemporary". "In the hall will hold only the closest friends and colleagues, and it will be my birthday," said the birthday boy.Igor Kvasha works in "contemporary" since 1956 - since the Foundation of the team. His name rightfully is on the same line with Oleg Efremov, Galina Volchek, Lily Tolmacheva and other creators of the popular troupe.Acting career Kvasha began with the role of Vladimir in the play "live Forever" by Victor Rozov. Then in the new theater, he played in "the Emperor's new clothes" and "Cyrano de Bergerac", "the Bolsheviks" and "At the bottom". In the mid 60-ies of the actor tries his hand at directing, producing "a Cabal of hypocrites, "Days of Turbin", "cat home average fluffiness" and other productions.Igor Kvasha is widely known as a film actor. On account of his numerous films, including "Straw hat", "Man from Boulevard des Capucines", "Passport", "Adam's Rib". Читать полностью -->

Anastasia Zavorotnyuk and Sergey Zhigunov broke up

Anastasia Zavorotnyuk and Sergey Zhigunov broke upFor the past two months, as once in love with each other appear everywhere exclusively alone. Sergei alone came to "nick", Anastasia one was present at the awards ceremony MTV.To date, their relationship can be described exclusively working: he's a producer, she's an actress. Zhigunov and Zavorotniuk are found only on the set of "My fair nanny".As it became known from reliable sources, some time ago Zhigunov moved out of the apartment Zavorotnyuk in one of the Moscow hotels. Sergey made one of the best rooms in the hotel and at the moment looking for a living space in the capital.If before the actors arrived on set together, we now send them to different machines. After shooting day Sergey and Nastya also sit in different cars and trips to different parties: Zavorotnyuk - home, Zhigunov to the hotel."Yes, Nastia and I now don't live together, said by phone Zhigunov. - Today I live in a hotel, and her daughter in the apartment... Читать полностью -->

Britney Spears returned home Villa with Mel Gibson

Britney Spears returned home Villa with Mel GibsonAfter spending five days in the sun and the sea of Costa Rica, Britney Spears has returned to her home in Los Angeles, reports OK!Informed sources say that the 26-year-old singer, who stayed in the Villa at Mel Gibson, her father Jamie Spears and agent Jason Trawick, landed at the airport in Burbank yesterday at 19:30 local time.During the rest of Britney splashed in the ocean, sunbathed, was riding an ATV and flirted with Jason that led me to think about what they share not just a business relationship. They say that Trawick organized the successful emergence of Spears in two series of the Comedy series How I Met Your Mother.However, enough is enough. Britney now have to go back again to a lawsuit with former husband Kevin and motherhood. Already this week they got to meet face to face to determine the Treaty's provisions on the custody of children. If they cannot agree, the judge will appoint a new court session in August or September. Source: Britney Spears returned home Villa with Mel Gibson. Читать полностью -->

Gosha Kutsenko has prescribed a strict soft diet

Gosha Kutsenko has prescribed a strict soft dietOn Wednesday morning, well-known actor and showman Gosha Kutsenko once again lay on preventive therapy in the research Institute. Bakuleva. Physicians diagnostic Department of the clinic has prepared for his regular customer separate comfortable room.Kutsenko drove himself to the hospital, but the condition of the actor caused alarm to the physician, according to MK.The fact that shortly before this 40-year-old actor became ill on the set. Grimiruyas, Ghosh suddenly turned pale and began to choke, reports "Your day".After examination, doctors urgently began to stabilize the pressure that exceeded all valid parameters. After that the artist put on a drip and prescribed a course of intensive therapeutic treatment, designed to unclog the blood vessels and to treat the patient's heart (instruments recorded strong arrhythmia).Closer to the evening movie star status has improved significantly, and he's already in high spirits roamed from one treatment room to another.In the evening Kutsenko even persuaded the doctors to let him go to the premiere of the film "Indigo" in the cinema "October", where he showed up a little late and right in the lobby drained the glass of red wine.Hypertension - family illness of the artist. It suffers and his mother. Читать полностью -->

Paul will go on tour

Paul will go on tourThe resident of the Russian comic project Comedy Club, "glamorous bastard" Pavel Volya embarks on their first tour, dedicated to the release of their debut album-double Respect and Uvazhuha.First concert without censorship" will be held on Friday, 15 February, in Riga, and 16 February in Estonia. In club Tallinn Pavel Volya with his band, Multi-instrumentalists "tells the plain truth about love and other fun things to do", said the press center Comedy Club Production..Start to chop verb from the West, it was decided because we're moving towards the rising sun, resolutely making his way to the East, leaving in its path nor indifferent listener," said Will.After that, the resident of Comedy Club tour will continue in Russia. One of the talks is planned in Moscow in March.Album Respect and Uvazhuha, was released in November 2007 and was released with a total circulation of 60 thousand copies. According to "glam geek", his full-fledged musical project may be assessed only on his show or listened to in a clear sequence 29 tracks.The structure of the group consists of Multi-instrumentalists: Alex Masalitinov (keys), Lawrence Goldman (guitar), Salman abuyev (trumpet), Egor Shamanin (saxophone), Boris Ionov (drums), Artem of Tildiem (bass guitar), and two backing singers. Source: Pavel Volya will go on tour. . Читать полностью -->

Dima Bilan want to erect a monument

Dima Bilan want to erect a monumentDima Bilan after Eurovision elevated to the rank of the hero was awarded the title of people's artist of Kabardino-Balkaria, was named after him the street, and now, maybe put in his honor a monument.As it became known to the Internet portal LifeNews, Nizhny Novgorod fans of the singer offered to put a monument on the waterfront of the capital of the Volga region. Moreover, the idea came up to competition, but its implementation does not have funds. Now that the Eurovision song contest goes to Russia, groupies creativity Bilan took decisive action: they wrote an open letter to Dmitry Medvedev.- Even before the "Eurovision" we made a model of the monument Bilan, because one hundred percent were confident in the victory of Dima, - quotes the edition of a Bilan fan Light. "We asked the artist to portray Dima in the image of Gaius Julius Caesar with a Laurel wreath on his head. We know that our President really was rooting for Russia at the contest and was the first to congratulate Bilan's victory. Therefore, we believe that Mr Medvedev will help us."We think that Dima deserved national love and the monument, which will become its embodiment", write in the letter of Nizhny Novgorod fans of the singer, on behalf of all Russians. Читать полностью -->

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