New boyfriend is afraid of Pamela Anderson without makeup

New boyfriend is afraid of Pamela Anderson without makeup Enough any American star once to appear anywhere with a companion of the opposite sex, journalists instantly make the news about a new novel. Yesterday the reason for another gossip gave Pamela Anderson.According to the portal Gossip Girls, the paparazzi caught the actress and former Playboy model, walking in Malibu in the company of a stranger. Enjoying the weather and talking enthusiastically, the couple slowly walked around the area and then went to the mansion of Pamela. By the way, for such a distant walk famous blonde decided to not even wear makeup, showing the public itself in all its glory.Recall, exactly 2 months ago, on March 24, Anderson received an official (third) divorce, annulling his lasted only a few months of marriage to Rick Salomon, best known for the performance of the title role in a sex tape with Paris Hilton. She was previously married to Tommy Lee, with whom she had two children, and then a short time for musician kid Rock. Source: New boyfriend is afraid of Pamela Anderson without makeup (photo). Читать полностью -->

Chef `Formula 1` resigned after bdsm Orgy

Chef `Formula 1` resigned after bdsm OrgyMax Mosley, chief of racing "Formula 1" was forced to resign after controversial confessions.Shestidesyatiletni Mosley said that his colleagues had no right to invade his privacy. He filed a search on protection of honor and dignity."My sexual priorities have no effect on my abilities, so I don't understand how these things are connected," says Mosley.Under some assumptions story surfaced thanks to the revelations of the wife of Mosley, which, according to unconfirmed reports, given on the pages of the British newspaper The Telegraph, sold the materials in the News of the World.The son of the leader of the British fascists during the Second world war, Oswald Mosley, chief of the most prestigious races of the world of Formula One, sir Max Mosley has demonstrated its dependence on a dark family past.The British newspaper the end of March this year were full of reports about a five-hour sado-masochistic Orgy that Mosley gave in his apartment with 5 prostitutes. The Orgy took place in the backdrop of the Nazi death camps, and prostitutes camp were dressed in robes. Source: Chef "Formula 1" has resigned after a bdsm Orgy. . . Читать полностью -->

Rapper DMX arrested for abusing dogs

Rapper DMX arrested for abusing dogsEarl Simmons (Earl Simmons), known in the rap scene under the pseudonym DMX arrested by police in Phoenix, Arizona for animal abuse. This was reported on Saturday by the Associated Press.During a search of Simmons tried to barricade themselves in their bedroom, but riot police prevented him and arrested musician. Detectives seized from the apartment of rapper twelve dogs of the pit bull breed and found on the adjoining site, the remains of three more animals.The reason for the search houses and arrest Simmons were multiple reports of neighbors that a musician mocks dogs and disturb the peace in the County. But accusations of animal cruelty, the musician will be charged with illegal possession of drugs and weapons.Previously DMX was already brought to responsibility for violation of rules of driving and illegal possession of weapons. In 2004, Simmons, posing as an FBI agent undercover, crashed his sports car at the international airport of a name Kennedy. Source: Rapper DMX arrested for abusing dogs. Читать полностью -->

GQ magazine has named the 100 most stylish men

GQ magazine has named the 100 most stylish menThe other day in Moscow was the party of the Russian edition of GQ magazine entitled "100 most stylish". The winners, and traditionally only men were chosen by the readers of the magazine.The most stylish or, as expressed by GQ's "style Icon", was named Oleg Yankovsky. 63-year-old actor admitted that he did not expect this victory, although the fashion and watches, because "the acting profession is to this commitment," according to KP."Remember when we were young we pretend to be hipsters. I wore a fashionable white shoes and sutured in the fashion of trousers, bought by parents," said Jankowski, who on 23 February celebrates its birthday.In the nomination "Person in trend" crystal figurine took the famous theater Director Kirill Serebrennikov. His style in clothing is recognized as a "particular individual and surprisingly modern.". . Читать полностью -->

Producer Victor Drobysh had an accident

Producer Victor Drobysh had an accidentComposer and producer Victor Drobysh on Wednesday morning, got in a car accident. Details of the incident told in a press-service "National music Corporation, headed by Victor.As has told to Days. in the press-service, Victor's condition does not inspire fear. On the phone he said that the accident occurred around 11 a.m. on Khodynka the street.In the car Drobysh crashed Porsche Cayenne. Machine famous producer was damaged, but not too serious, "scratches".Information about what Victor Drobysh is in the hospital, was not confirmed. "No, it's misinformation," he told us in a press-service.Reasons for concern there. Читать полностью -->

Sandra Bullock was caught in a severe accident

Sandra Bullock was caught in a severe accidentLast night, when Sandra Bullock husband Jesse James was returning from shooting, they were in a strong accident because of a drunk driver. Fortunately, in frontal crashes without fatalities.According to People magazine, the accident took place in Gloucester, Massachusetts, where he's currently starring romantic Comedy "the Proposal" (Proposal) with the actress. At about 9.50 PM in the car Bullock was hit by a gray Subaru is running the 64-year-old Lucille Gatchell. She crossed the dividing strip, left on a counter. According to the police spokesman, test for the presence of alcohol in the blood Getchell showed that it is more than two times normal, Lenta notes.Police said that the victims managed to be avoided thanks to the fact that both cars were moving at low speed (about 30 km/h), however, they are not subject to restoration. A local resident was arrested and taken to the police station, and the couple, having recovered from the shock, went home, refusing medical care.As told to Lieutenant cook, detained coarse breaker, Lucille didn't know whose car she crashed into. Читать полностью -->

Babkina called `Eurovision` disgrace

Babkina called `Eurovision` disgraceNadezhda Babkina amid universal rejoicing over the victory of Dima Bilan on Eurovision is very unflattering about the contest.A singer cannot be accused of lack of patriotism or professionalism, calls the event "a disgrace".On the eve of "Eurovision" actress was in Lipetsk, where he held a meeting with its festival "Songs of Russia". Before the gala concert Babkina held a master class for students and teachers of the regional school of art and answered questions from journalists.From this conversation, and it turned out that the much-anticipated broadcast of "Provideniya" Babkina is not going to look. It was not only that the night of Sunday the singer had to spend on the train. Nadezhda Georgievna there is a portable TV that often accompanies her on tour. But watch the final of "Eurovision" and cheering for Dima Bilan, the singer still did not want.As writes "KP-Voronezh ", the attitude Babkina to "Eurovision" was extremely negative."All I've ever seen before, I was not happy," said the singer. - I perfectly know, how are the auditions for the "Eurovision", and never let you go there none of the performers of the ensemble "Russian song". Читать полностью -->

Liza Boyarskaya broke a finger on the play

Liza Boyarskaya broke a finger on the playThe star of the movie "Irony of fate. A sequel to" Lisa boyars came on ceremony of delivery of awards MTV, despite the newly-acquired injury.The actress received from the hands of Mikhail Efremov's award for best comedic role on behalf of her colleague the famous painting - the actor Konstantin Khabensky. Kostya was to come to the ceremony failed, he is now on the film "Miracle" in the Tula region.Friends drew attention to the fact that the right pinky Lisa flaunts tight retentive bandage. As it turned out, the 22 year old actress suffered an occupational injury.- Broke a finger on the play - happen! - cheerfully commented Lisa "TD". - It all happened on the stage during the action. Now everything is in order, it will heal! - added boyar, stroking his injured finger.Now the daughter of the famous d'artagnan played in the play "the Life and fate of Lev Dodin. Читать полностью -->

In Germany show Opera with naked actors

In Germany show Opera with naked actorsOn Saturday in Erfurt Director Johann Kresnik will present its version of "Masquerade", dedicated to the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001 in new York. On stage he will bring 30 naked actors.According to Kresnicka that has not hide his Marxist views, dramatization should simply "provoke". His naked is supposed to symbolize the victims of capitalism, and the whole Opera is to criticize the claims of America to world dominance."It will be a different, provocative "Masquerade" at the WTC wreckage. In addition to music from Verdi's nothing left," said 69-year-old Director of the news Agency DPA. According to him, today the "normal" and the classic dramatizations impossible to lure young people into the halls. "We need to make new elements," he says. Читать полностью -->

World premiere of the full-length `Sex and the city`

World premiere of the full-length `Sex and the city` Yesterday in London hosted the world premiere of the feature film "Sex and the City: The Movie", based on the beloved in many countries of the series.Premiere deliberately held in Europe, although the same "city", which appeared in the title is, of course, new York. British fans (mostly, of course, female) were very happy with this decision. Fans and journalists gathered around London's Odeon cinema in Leicester Square, had a chance to nomatica with performers of the main roles. Sarah Jessica Parker (Carrie), Kim Cattrall (Samantha), Kristin Davis (Charlotte) and Cynthia Nixon (Miranda) was happy to pose for photographers and answered questions. Pictures from the event, published today by the London portal Gossip Girls.Work on full-length martinoia the cult American TV series, produced by Sarah Jessica Parker, lasted for several years, the end of filming we wrote in December. In addition to the main heroines in the film appears Chris noth (well-known man in the Dream), Mario Canton (best friend Charlotte) and Willie Garson (Stanford Blatch, best friend Carrie), and Jennifer Hudson, who played assistant miss Bradshaw. Читать полностью -->

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