Tatyana Arntgolts bought an apartment in Moscow

Tatyana Arntgolts bought an apartment in MoscowLife actress Tatyana Arntgolts after filming the show "And still, I love you" has changed dramatically.Unlike its heroine Faith Tatyana everything changed for the better.Recall that in the story the heroine of the series Arntgolts first got into a good family, becoming the wife of a son of a General. And then because of the machinations of her mother-in-law had to leave home, to live in misery and live in the Dorm.But the actress, who previously had their own homes in Moscow, things are looking up. Recently Tatiana with her sister and colleague Olga Arntgolts bought an apartment."Of course, not in a high-rise building on Kotelnicheskaya embankment, where I live with my character Faith, - Tatyana speaks, - but still in a nice area. Now in between trying to deal with its arrangement. It is a pity that there is no time to bring all your ideas, so while we with Olej do repairs cosmetic".By the way, the house on Kotelnicheskaya filmed only from the outside, while the interiors were built in pavilions "Mosfilm". However, during the filming Tatiana is very fond of the area of Moscow. Читать полностью -->

Carla Bruni was called to fight with mortality in childbirth

Carla Bruni was called to fight with mortality in childbirthThe wife of French President Nicolas Sarkozy Carla Bruni called women of Europe to unite. This time she offered to strip naked, but on the contrary, urged to struggle with mortality in childbirth in third world countries."I know that my husband and Prime Minister of great Britain (Gordon brown) agreed to work together to increase the number of medical staff in Africa. One of the biggest tragedies of our time in the shade, especially in developing countries, when the most difficult and amazing moment of our lives - the birth of a baby can be a tragedy," said Bruni.According to the former top model and now a singer, a high mortality rate during childbirth is explained not only by the lack of skilled medical care, but also the status of women in third world countries. It is to change this situation should be directed efforts on the part of developed countries, she said. "You - all hope" - quoted by RIA "Novosti" words Bruni, who she said, referring to the 150 most influential women in Britain.In turn, the wife of the British Prime Minister urged women to abort their "shameful silence" and to raise the issue of female mortality at the upcoming summit of the International monetary Fund in Washington, at the world economic forum and, more importantly, at the UN summit in new York."The people in this room, can change the situation and to speak. It's a chance to work together to achieve real change and to do something important for the problem of death in childbirth was not forgotten," said Sarah brown.And for Bruni, and brown seminar at London's Lancaster house was the first major event they've spent as first lady. Читать полностью -->

Dima Bilan begins his week-long trip

Dima Bilan begins his week-long tripSinger Dima Bilan, the winner of the musical contest "Eurovision" this year begins his week-long European tour in Helsinki on Wednesday.After that, he will go to Stockholm and Oslo. May 30, scheduled his performance in Dublin, RIA "Novosti".In London Bilan will perform on Saturday, may 31. It is planned that the concert in the British capital will become the largest for all tour by. "In other countries planned special events with the participation of Dima in music stores, television interviews, but in London it will be a full performance on stage and music party. That is why we allocated in the program Saturday night," explained the organizers.The British party of the winners of "Eurovision" will be held at the trendy nightclub Scala in the heart of the British capital. Its scheduled to start at nine o'clock in the evening, however, the performances of the main stars should be expected no earlier than midnight. Читать полностью -->

Leva from the group `Bi-2` changing profession musician

Leva from the group `Bi-2` changing profession musicianRocker Leva "Bi-2" preparing a new circus performance. The musician was always a bit afraid of animals, but now he will have to train porcupine, hippopotamus and wild boar. Loew spoke about his players and his circus adventures."What can I say about animals? I am skeptical of stories about Mowgli" - confessed rocker. From childhood he is afraid of animals, but now every day goes to the circus, washes and cleans vegetables, feeding elephants, once the dispute came in the cage with the tigers. Mentor leva Yuri Yurievich Durov said that the musician had begun to take the nerves after his house dwelt a live rooster. The actor told us such a funny story:"I was given homework. Читать полностью -->

Charlize Theron vengeance lifts her legs

Charlize Theron vengeance lifts her legs Charlize Theron visited Harvard, where she was named Woman of the Year and awarded Hasty Pudding.The actress had fun. To start together with Charlize mummers students rolled a car on the streets in the carnival procession .She decided were bullying her beautiful legs and hugged-kissed disguised men from the Harvard theatre troupe.Then the procession moved to the scene where Charlize and was given the coveted pot, and was forced to sing-to dance and otherwise entertain. Students are like that, they don't get bored! Source: Charlize Theron vengeance lifts her legs (photos). . . . Читать полностью -->

20 most attractive young royals of the world

20 most attractive young royals of the world American business magazine Forbes ranked the most attractive young royals of the world.It included representatives of 15 monarchical dynasties in the age of 35 and unmarried. In compiling the list, the magazine took into account the references of the candidates in the media, as well as the level of wealth of their families.1. Prince William25-year-old son of Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana hit the top of the list due to its popularity in the press. The involvement of the Royal family, style and charm makes it a regular hero gossip.2. Prince HarryJunior British Prince is not like his brother. In the media wrote a lot about how he smoked weed, noisy walked in and was put in the uncomfortable position of his family in a variety of ways, for example when appeared on the public with Nazi symbols. Читать полностью -->

Madonna's new album topped the British charts

Madonna's new album topped the British chartsMadonna's new album "Hard Candy" topped the hit parade in the UK last week, reports BBC News.For the singer it's tenth album, which reached the top of British charts.Second place was taken by the album "Third" group Portishead, the output of which fans of the team waited more than 10 years. The debut album of the singer Duffy's "Rockferry" rounded out the top three.In fourth place is last week's winner album "the Age of the Understatement" by the Last Shadow Puppets - project leader Arctic Monkeys Alex Turner and lead singer of The Rascals miles Kane. It is followed by the album Sam Sparro.In the song chart leadership also holds Madonna. Her song "4 Minutes" with Justin Timberlake, is already the third week is at the top of the hit parade.The three leaders also located the "Black and Gold" by Sam Sparro and "Wearing My Rolex" from Wiley. Followed by the song "Love In This Club" by usher and "American Boy" Estelle. Source: Madonna's New album topped the British charts. Читать полностью -->

Lolita made a killing

Lolita made a killingAfter the concert in Orenburg singer refused to go to the hotel and went straight to the best gambling establishment in the city. Casino employees were shocked, seeing Lola, and hurried to her seat on the most comfortable place."Boys, bring me a brandy, and begin - the waiters winked star.Already after half an hour in the pocket of Lolita was a few tens of thousands. Upon entering the excitement, she just couldn't stop.- Now I will ruin you, - joked the actress, clapping after each successful turn.Once the winning singer exceeded one million rubles, she found the strength to end the game and, satisfied, left the casino, the newspaper "Your day".- Lolita obviously been lucky last night, " says the Manager of a casino. Singer made a killing. Source: Lolita made a killing. . Читать полностью -->

`Speed racer` and other new Russian cinema

`Speed racer` and other new Russian cinemaThursday on screens of the Russian cinemas will screen adaptation of the famous series of Japanese animation from the creators of the "Matrix" trilogy - "speed racer" (USA, 2008, Andy and Larry Wachowski).The main character is a young race car driver speed (Emile Hirsch - "Dangerous game", "girl next door", "alpha Dog") is at risk to challenge the Almighty automobile magnates and participate in races of the planetary values on your favorite car, according to the newspaper "Time of news".However, as the newspaper writes, dear and cherish producers during the past fifteen years, the project was buried under other hits and probably never will be repaid. Also starring Christina Ricci, Matthew Fox, Susan Sarandon, John Goodman, Scott porter, Melville Pupo, Richard roundtree, Hiroyuki Sanada absolutely incredible and one chimpanzee.In the Russian hire also comes the film "the Game" (Russia, 2008, Alexander Rogozhkin). Creator popularly favorite features of national Hunting" and "Fishing" swung at the incredible history of the national football team, which must at all costs to win the world Cup.The film is at the training camp on the eve of an incredibly important game. Starring Aleksey Buldakov, Yuri Stepanov, Daniil Strakhov, Artem Volobuev, Kirill Pirogov, Love Lviv, Alexander Lymarev, Artur Vakha and Victor Babich.On Thursday, the audience will also be able to see a picture of the Mexican Director of "Fatal choice" (USA, 2007, Rigoberto Castaneda). Place the actions of his American debut Castaneda chose the cab stuck between floors Elevator.Three people seem to be suspended between heaven and earth, in the world of the triumph of claustrophobia. Starring amber Tamblyn, Aidan Guillen, armie hammer, Katie Stuart, Leslie Charles and Emma Prescott.The film is presented at last year's Cannes film festival - "Life after" (France, 2007, Gael Morel) comes out may 29 on screens of the Russian cinemas.A woman of Mature age (Catherine Deneuve - "Daily beauty", "the umbrellas of Cherbourg", "8 women") in a car accident loses her son, and then begins to feel not quite right feelings for his friend. Читать полностью -->

Hilton gave my dogs a mansion

Hilton gave my dogs a mansionRestless Paris Hilton continues to impress. She recently moved into a new mansion in Los Angeles, settling next door to Robbie Williams.On this occasion, she decided to make a gift to their dogs, of which there are a whopping 17. For dogs Paris built a small copy of her own mansion with outdoor furniture."I have 17 dogs, so I decided to build them a dog house on the back yard. This is a copy of my house with reduced copies of furniture. All my dogs live there," said Paris Hilton. Source: Hilton gave my dogs a mansion. Читать полностью -->

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