The soloist `VIA gra` Meseda pumped into the silicone breast

The soloist `VIA gra` Meseda pumped into the silicone breastGreen-eyed beauty Meseda shocked the audience with his bust her vagina for a short period of time, not only increased in size but has taken a very seductive form.Most interesting is that a year and a half ago a miracle happened and with the second half of the duet of "VIA gra" - Albina Dzhanabaeva, whose breast, as if by the wave of a wand of the wizard-erotomania, grew several sizes.At one of the ceremonies Meseda appeared in dress, clearly demonstrating its new acquisition - a magnificent chest fourth the size. And it could not generate all sorts of gossip. The most popular of the rumors, of course, was that the girl resorted to the help of a plastic surgeon, the newspaper "Life".We already wrote about the fact that modest previous size, bust Meseda looked out of place in the concept of "VIA gra". To somehow compensate for what you've given her nature, the star had to embark on a little feminine wiles. For example, put on a bra foam and silicone tabs. Now these problems behind. Читать полностью -->

Lazarev publicly insulted Zavorotnyuk

Lazarev publicly insulted ZavorotnyukParticipant of the TV project Tatyana Lazareva publicly questioned the mental faculties leading Anastasia Zavorotnyuk.The presenter of the program "Good jokes" Tatyana Lazareva said Anastasia Zavorotniuk that... no brains.Over the weekend, viewers saw the first series of colorful dance show. But no one knows that the shooting of this program has been a very ugly incident.Host of the show - the most beautiful Russian babysitter movies Anastasia Zavorotniuk - after the dance Lazareva and Alexander Litvinenko asked Tatiana to share my impressions about the first exit onto professional dance floor. And then began something out of the ordinary.- What are you waving at? Give it to me! said hot dance Tatiana, snatching Anastasia microphone, and began to tell about what he has experienced.InsultStunned Nastya tried to return his main weapon. But there it was! Lazarev was so fascinated by the story that didn't pay Zavorotniuk any attention. Anastasia, knowing that the allotted interview time long gone, tried to distract too talkative participant.- Tanya, but I think...- What do you think?! You have no brains, is brutally interrupted her Lazarev, apparently forgetting that is not filming humorous fights and in the Studio, recording a colorful show.ApologiesMake a tantrum in front of the camera Nastya was. Читать полностью -->

To lose 20 pounds Lopez helped an enormous load

To lose 20 pounds Lopez helped an enormous loadJennifer Lopez became a mother of adorable twins max and Emma is just a month and a half ago. The singer and actress in the last few weeks have managed to radically change their appearance by getting rid of the most part recruited during pregnancy weight.Last week Jennifer for the first time after having children appeared at a social event. At the new York premiere of the film "Shine A Light" all eyes were riveted to Lopez, who looked amazing in a form-fitting piece black dress.The British newspaper the Daily Mail, the new mom managed to lose about 40 pounds. This is almost 20 pounds, or, to be precise, 18 pounds.During pregnancy Jennifer Lopez is much better. The increase in weight amounted to 25.5 per kilogram, which is not surprising since the actress bore twins.To lose almost 20 pounds in a month that is an average five pounds per week, Jennifer was only due to his own tenacity. The star had to exist in very hard mode: she would get up at four in the morning and started their training.Regular exercise for three hours a day, seven days a week and led to such a phenomenal result. Читать полностью -->

Lemons the second time will be a father

Lemons the second time will be a father Just a year ago Eddie first became a father, and that in 63 years. His wife is actress Ekaterina Volkova ("the KGB in a tuxedo") - bore him a son Bogdan.And here's Kate again in an interesting position.In three months I will become a mother! - said "KP" actress.They say that Lemons dreams of a daughter. According to Volkova, husband and decided on two children not to stop. Very much he liked the role of the father of the family. Source: Lemons for the second time will be a father (photo). . Читать полностью -->

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