Britney Spears and Mel Gibson went along to rest

Britney Spears and Mel Gibson went along to restBritney Spears and Mel Gibson went for a vacation together in Costa Rica. According to Entertainment Tonight, yesterday at about 9 am the singer and actor took off from Los Angeles on a private jet.First plane landed in Gibson, and after five minutes on Board went up Britney. According to informed sources, along with them went the father of Britney, Jamie Spears, who is now her guardian and without which the star can't go on this trip. Britney and her dad will be guests at Villa Gibson in this Central American country.It is unclear what may link the 26-year-old controversial singer and 52-year-old veteran of Hollywood. It is known that Spears and Gibson were neighbors in Malibu, and reportedly became friends. In March, Britney and Mel went together in a Russian restaurant Romanov in Los Angeles, though they were not alone, but together with friends. Читать полностью -->

Dima departed yesterday in Belgrade

Dima departed yesterday in BelgradeTogether with Russian pop idol to the finish line in Serbia was hit and the producer of the singer Yana Rudkovskaya and all the numerous retinue of the singer.To see your favorite artist in the capital airport came his Moscow Friends ' Club.After several intense weeks of preparation for Eurovision Dima as if charged with energy. Communicating with the fans, he literally glowed with confidence. Still - with this kind of support loyal fans can really move mountains, and not a singing contest to win.GiftFans literally inundated Dima colors and toys, and the biggest surprise was for Bilan silver bracelet. The inscription on elegant decoration that fans of talent Bilan, who became with him for good friends, and I ordered a special love, reads: Believe.Neither to add, nor to add: this unofficial motto - "Believe" (which means "believe") - is the training Bilan and his team to "Eurovision", which will take place on 24 may in Serbia."He came back to win!" "Bilan FOREVER!" such inscriptions on the posters was supported by fans of the star, on a triumphant European victory is configured now the whole country. Source: Dima Bilan departed yesterday in Belgrade. . Читать полностью -->

Yakubovich was auctioned military town

Yakubovich was auctioned military townThe Russian defense Ministry has auctioned off a military town on the left Bank street in Moscow. Conducted trades the famous showman Leonid Yakubovich, and the amount of the transaction amounted to 1145 million rubles.Military town, for sale, located in the Northwest of the Russian capital and occupies a land area of 28,403 thousand square meters.As explained during the auction Yakubovich, according to the official position of the defense Ministry, "the released military property unpromising and used by the military Department. All proceeds of the auction money will be spent exclusively for the acquisition of permanent housing and the construction of social facilities for the military. The winning bidder was LLC "Master Miners".In addition, at auction on Tuesday were sold and construction of a military camp, located in the village Rublevo on Rublevsky highway, reports "Interfax". This lot went for 2606 million rubles, and the buyer was LLC "Bon project.As reminds RIA "news" in the current year, the defense Ministry plans to auction more than 20 vacant military sites throughout the country - in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad and Vladivostok. Читать полностью -->

Maksim afraid to lose your hair

Maksim afraid to lose your hairOn tour in Ufa Maksim appeared with a new hairstyle - the singer lop long curls to her shoulders. It was noticeable that the girl is still not fully accustomed to his new hairstyle, she kept stroking your hair, trying to beat them.Of problems with hair the 23-year-old actress began after she increased the strands.- Your hair in Maksim thin, brittle, says personal master artist Catherine M. - the Build up was done efficiently, but the hair Maksim thus suffered greatly.After a visit to the hairdresser frightened the singer has come to his senses and decided to donate accrued curls, in order not to lose your hair, says "Life.". . . . Читать полностью -->

Aitmatov is almost `unconscious`

Aitmatov is almost `unconscious`Famous Kyrgyz writer Chingiz Aitmatov placed in the "Fourth medical clinic" one of the largest medical centers in Germany "Klinikum nГјrnberg sГјd" in Nuremberg.Aitmatov is in the ICU, informed RIA Novosti the representative of the clinic, is the state of his "heavy", it is almost "unconscious". The clinic refused to give any additional information."The fourth medical clinic" medical center "Klinikum nГјrnberg sГјd" together with the similar Department of the University clinic in Erlangen, which is near Nuremberg, are Germany's largest centres for the treatment of renal and hypertensive diseases.Aitmatov was hospitalized on Friday in Kazan with a diagnosis of renal failure". The writer came to the capital of Tatarstan together with the film crew of TV channel "Russia" on Thursday night, as part of the filming of "lasts more than a day." It was assumed that during the two days of stay in the Republic, he will meet with President of Tatarstan, relatives in Kazan and Kukmor region of Tatarstan. Source: Aitmatov is almost "unconscious"". . . Читать полностью -->

The ex-wife of Nicolas Sarkozy married the Moroccan millionaire

The ex-wife of Nicolas Sarkozy married the Moroccan millionaireCecilia Ciganer-Albeniz, former wife of French President Nicolas Sarkozy, yesterday married her Moroccan lover Richard Attias. The wedding ceremony was held in new York at the famous rainbow room of Rockefeller center.In celebration of 50-year-old Cecilia and 48-year-old advertising tycoon invited 150 guests, informs Agency France Presse. The celebration began on Friday with a party in the house of Attias in Connecticut. On Saturday invited dined at an expensive restaurant on Broadway, and then visited with a couple of Broadway musical "Mamma Mia!". As for treats, we change French cuisine heroes of the evening did not dare - the menu was listed a national dish: foie Gras and the roasted lobster, said First channel.All the details of the wedding, which, we recall, took place a month after the marriage of Nicolas Sarkozy and Italian model Carla Bruni, were strictly classified, guests are prohibited to bring cameras and video cameras, with the press talked about the security service. According to rumors, exclusive rights to film the ceremony suggested the newspaper "Paris-Match", but it refused, not wanting to spoil relations with the President of France, with whom a friendly owner magazine Arno Lagardere.Nicolas and Cecilia Sarkozy announced their divorce in October of last year. Читать полностью -->

Lead singer of Kiss `lit up` during sex

Lead singer of Kiss `lit up` during sexSoloist of the popular American band Kiss Jen Simmons appeared in the center of the sex scandal. In the Internet appeared the video, which people, like him, has sex with a young model, reports AHN.Videos involving 58-year-old rocker, presumably, was made when he advertised the Austrian energy drink Frank's. There he met with an advertising model from Austria named Elsa, and which can be observed in the video with him in various poses.Jen Simmons for over twenty years, lives with his sweetheart Shannon tweed, a former Playboy model. They have a 19-year-old son Nicholas and 15-year-old daughter Sophie.Simmons has managed to respond to the advent of video. In a statement on his website, he writes: "You've probably heard or seen the crap that came out of my past. Rest assured, my lawyers are already working on it. Читать полностью -->

The ranking of the most enviable brides and grooms Royal blood

The ranking of the most enviable brides and grooms Royal bloodForbes magazine named the twenty young royals, occupying a most enviable position, according to the newspaper's website.This list includes the unmarried unmarried princes and princesses, whose age does not exceed 35 years. The selection criteria also served as their popularity in the media and wealth.First place in the ranking took Prince William, grandson of Queen Elizabeth II. On second place came his younger brother, Prince Harry, which in early may was awarded the medal for service in Afghanistan. The younger son of the Prince of Wales has repeatedly become the hero of scandalous media coverage, which often charge him with conduct unworthy of a representative of the Royal simti. So, in 2005, Prince Harry appeared at a costume party in a Nazi uniform.Third and fourth places were taken by Zara Phillips (Zara Phillips) and Princess Beatrice (Princess Beatrice), the granddaughter of the British Queen. Rounded out the top five young royals Princess Charlotte Casiraghi (Charlotte Casiraghi) of Monaco and granddaughter of Hollywood actress grace Kelly. Читать полностью -->

Leading reality show `House-2` free diamonds

Leading reality show `House-2` free diamondsLeading reality show "Dom-2" Ksenia Borodina March 8, celebrated his next birthday.If last year's congratulate her came her only close friends, and the celebration itself was held in one of the restaurants in Venice, this time Ksenia decided to throw a party for a wide variety of guests in a Moscow restaurant.At the entrance the guests were greeted by singing and dancing Gypsies who tried to persuade everyone to "buy happiness the birthday girl". In response, the guests drink champagne or liquors in the hall so everyone was in high spirits.The Xenia too was in an excellent mood. Though birthday and is considered to be a sad holiday, Borodina had no reason to be sad.Leading "House-2" are literally covered with flowers. Luxurious bouquets and then had to take two cars and the apartment Xenia for all roses, gerberas, irises, tulips and orchids lacked five vases. She even had to buy a bucket and put the bouquets in them. According to the birthday girl, her apartment looked like a flower shop.Borodin was rewarded with not only flowers, but also diamonds. Читать полностью -->

In Moscow has died the world's oldest artist

In Moscow has died the world's oldest artistThe world's oldest artist Moses Feigin, listed in the Guinness Book of records as "the oldest working professional artist, died in Moscow on 104-m to year of life.This was reported by RIA Novosti on Thursday, a family friend of the master, collector Love Matusovsky.According to her, Feigin departed this life on Saturday, April 26, at 09.30 am.Russian artist Moisey Aleksandrovich Feigin was born 23 October 1904. He is the last of the members of the artistic group of the early 20th century "Jack of diamonds". His last exhibition was held in Moscow in the Central House of artists from 27 April to 10 may 2007. At that time the artist was 102 years and 199 days.On this basis after the certification procedure Feigin was listed in the Guinness world records in February 2008, informed RIA Novosti the representative of the Guinness Book of records Beatriz Fernandez.Held in spring 2007 in the Central house of artists exhibition "103 years of artistic heroism of Moses Feigin" brought together the artist's paintings over the years, after its 100-year anniversary. One of the Central themes of his work - portraits of musicians, poets, actors. Among the outstanding artists of the 20th century, whose images he brought to his work, Charlie Chaplin and Vladimir Mayakovsky. Читать полностью -->