In Moscow will be a monument to Hans Christian Andersen

In Moscow will be a monument to Hans Christian AndersenIn Moscow there will be a monument to the Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen (1805-1875). It will set in 2008 in the Park of the 850 anniversary of Moscow in the Maryino district, have informed in city administration.One of the probable dates of the solemn opening of the monument will be the birthday of Hans Christian Andersen - 2 April.The Ukrainian military also reported that "the customer of the design and construction of the monument will sue the Management of the customer "GidroMash", as the General contractor for execution of works on construction of the monument and landscaping around the site will be determined in the near future." Financing of the production of the monument and its installation will be carried out from the targeted investment program of Moscow, ITAR-TASS reported.In the city hall recalled that the installation of the monument was postponed several times. "So, it was supposed to be set in 2005, when the whole world celebrated the 200th birthday of the writer" - told "Interfax" the representative of the city authorities.In the city administration stressed that the monument was designed by the national artist of Russia Alexander Rukavishnikov, the author of monuments to Yuri Nikulin at the circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard, Vladimir Vysotsky Vagankovskoye cemetery and Alexander II at the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. "The place for the monument will be the intersection of Perechnoi and Myachkovskiy Boulevard", - said the source.Hans Christian Andersen entered the history of world literature as a brilliant storyteller, surprisingly combining romance and realism, fantasy and humor, sometimes irony and satire. The writer has created more than 170 tales and stories, among the most famous of them - "the Steadfast tin soldier", "the Ugly duckling", "the snow Queen".When he died, in Denmark, has announced a national mourning. In Russia Andersen's fairy tales first published in 1844. Читать полностью -->

Valeria naked for Maxim

Valeria naked for Maxim40-year-old mother of three children, only now agreed to the entreaties, though, the magazine had long dreamed to get her body to its pages.Filmed Valery in Thailand on the island Aunai, and she posed for famous photographer Antoine Verde, who starred Shakira, Milla Jovovich, Monica Bellucci."We immediately agreed that the sex scenes will not be", - said Valery. Singer's husband Joseph Prigogine was pleased with the images, but jealously said - "This is the first and last of the kind photoshoot Valerie..." Source: Singer Valeria naked for Maxim. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Gennady Bachinsky found a replacement

Gennady Bachinsky found a replacementAfter the tragic death of well - known TV and radio host Gennady Bachinsky morning show on radio "Mayak", which Gennady led together with his colleague Sergei Stillavin, was forced to close. Then Sergey has returned to the air one.A new morning show called "Sergey Stillavin and his friends". And while the listeners, and Sergei himself, to get used to the inevitable change, the search continued for a suitable co-host for Stillavin.And now, after almost two months after the death of Gennady Bachinsky such a person is found. Paired with Stillavin will now work known commentator, TV and radio presenter Vasily Utkin."I accepted the proposal of Sergei Arkhipov, said Utkin. - Monday (Tuesday, closed on Monday) I host the morning show at "Mayak" together with Stillavin. Will see what happens. Читать полностью -->

Natalia Podolskaya is preparing to become a mother

Natalia Podolskaya is preparing to become a motherNatalya Podolskaya and Vladimir Presnyakov - one of the most beautiful pair of modern show business. They do everything together - live, sing, go to hangouts. As will soon become parents.Anyway the nursery lovers in their new posh apartment on the streets of Minsk already arranged. About Natalia and Vladimir has told to the correspondent of the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda"."However, while this room is more like a Cabinet. God willing, soon to be baby! And when the baby gets here, and then the dog will have. Want only as long as the pace of life does not allow. Читать полностью -->

Heroes `Woe from wit` will sing for the first time

Heroes `Woe from wit` will sing for the first timeThe immortal heroes of Comedy Griboyedov "Woe from wit" will sing for the first time, informed RIA Novosti the press service of the theater.Playwright Vadim Zhuk together with composer Sergei Nikitin began with the creation of a new original project specifically for the theater "School of modern play" - it will be a musical performance by Comedy Griboyedov "Woe from wit".He will continue the tradition of those performances and the direction that largely determine creative person of the theater "School of modern play", including such titles as "why are you in a Tux?" or "Seagull. A real operetta.They are based on Russian classics, retold in modern language, literary and musical.Khrestomatiia Griboyedov's Comedy staged repeatedly in theaters in Russia and abroad, never received musical incarnation. Here the theater "school of modern drama" will be a pioneer.For now just play the genre is not defined. Perhaps it will be "Opera acting" or "dramatic musical", but already it is safe to say that the show will be hilarious and extremely witty, as it happens in the theater "School of modern play". Famous writer, satirist and humorist Vadim Zhuk and composer and bard Sergey Nikitin will complete its work on the text and the score no later than may of this year. Source: Heroes of "Woe from wit" will sing for the first time. Читать полностью -->

Sobchak will participate in a photo shoot for `Kvira`

Sobchak will participate in a photo shoot for `Kvira`Scandalously vicious TV presenter of the popular project channel TNT "House-2" Ksenia Sobchak is preparing to try on the role of men.The socialite will be the most famous post-Soviet space in the magazine for gay "Queer".Curiosities"The blonde in chocolate" was very surprised by the editorial staff of the newspaper, when suddenly she called and offered to do a revealing photoshoot.- We were contacted by her and told that he wants to play for us, " spoke about the unexpected proposal sex teacher "Z" Deputy chief editor of "Queer". - We are now considering this proposal, because it is somewhat not our format. Let it be any girl, and though in what way, but still we are not that public.However, the daughter of a prominent politician in the perseverance and talent of persuasion would not be denied. She still insisted, and with triumph began to prepare for a scandalous photo shoot.- Yes, I will participate in a photo shoot for "Kvira" - said "Z" Ksenia, but for all details sent to your personal PR agent.ImagesBefore the readers of the magazine Ksenia will appear in a few unusual for her. The first, which she considers the most sexy and luxurious, the image of the businessman, around which, in erotic poses are located several naked men.The second image is a work from the construction site: the creative TV presenter wearing an orange construction vest and helmet. In her delicate hands, She would squeeze... Читать полностью -->

Critics of `bought` victory Bilan `Eurovision`

Critics of `bought` victory Bilan `Eurovision`Critics and artists have expressed their opinion about the victory Bilan on EurovisionDanilko:"I'm very disappointed, namely the given points. Everyone forgot that this song contest is judged not show and performers, and their nationality. It drives me so nuts! Me while watching wanted to rant and rave. Our Lorak, done of course - and did a good job, and classy room from her. And here Russia gave us a total of 8 points - they were just afraid for their victory.Right that Dima Bilan gave the first place, let finally Russia will hold the Eurovision song contest. Bilan was mentally tough, I saw he was worried. Читать полностью -->

Oksana Robski secretly married

Oksana Robski secretly marriedThe author of the popular novel "Casual" Oksana Robski still married. Her fourth husband is a former midfielder of "Spartacus" and the Italian "inter", the head coach of Uralane" Igor Shalimov.This news has become one of the most discussed by many secular media lately.Recall that the wedding was supposed to take place in may last year, but it was canceled. The cause alleged was the puppy Giuseppe, who tore the dress Robski. Oksana considered it a bad omen and moved the ceremony. Scheduled for December in the Maldives, she also did not take place: Robski and Shalimov broke up. Soon the lovers are back together and decided to join the knot for life for 4 April.The couple married in an exotic environment, and dreamed of the writer, the island of Ceylon (Sri Lanka), among the guests were only children Oksana - Dora and Joseph. Читать полностью -->

Guitarist `Bon Jovi` Cathal daughter in a car while drunk

Guitarist `Bon Jovi` Cathal daughter in a car while drunkGuitarist for the popular American rock band "Bon Jovi" Richie Sambora arrested in California on suspicion of driving under the influence.48-year-old musician was arrested Tuesday night in Laguna beach. The reason for the arrest become a strange "maneuvers" that black SUV Hummer, at the wheel which there was a guitarist, performing on the road, ITAR-TAS.According to police Sergeant Jason Kravetz, Sambora was arrested after the test for the presence of alcohol. After a brief imprisonment he was released. "The detainee's attitude was quite friendly" in relation to employees of law enforcement services, said Kravetz. The musician must appear in court March 7.At the moment of detention in a car driven by Sambora, there were three women, two of whom are minors. According to the magazine US Magazine, citing its own sources, one of the girls was 10-year-old daughter Sambora - Ava. Читать полностью -->

Natalia Morari to Strasbourg takes the complaint against Russia

Natalia Morari to Strasbourg takes the complaint against RussiaThe correspondent of The New Times, a citizen of Moldova Natalia Morar, which banned entry to the territory of the Russian Federation, stated that it will file a complaint against the government of the Russian Federation at the European court of human rights, reports "Interfax".We will remind, on March 1, Morari and her husband Ilya Barabanov returned to Kishinev."I hope that this week we will prepare all the necessary documents and go to Strasbourg to file the appeal," she said in the night of Tuesday in the broadcast TV Chisinau PRO TV.She recalled that in December last year, she was denied entry to the territory of Russia under the pretext that it "poses a threat to the security of Russia". Journalism believes that the real reason for the ban was her articles critical of the Kremlin.Morari was deported in Chisinau, however, came out on December 23, married to a Russian journalist Ilya Barabanov, at the end of last week again tried to enter the territory of Russia. The journalist was in the border area for three days, after which he was forced to return to Chisinau due to health problems.Morar said that, under the European Convention on human rights, the family can not be separated, what happened in her case. In addition, according to her, in her case violated the right to life, because for three days she was in the airport "Domodedovo", she did not provide food and water.Journalism claims that while at the airport she was not even possible, will take care of personal hygiene, and elementary access to the socket to charge the mobile phone.Morar said that she was not given the reasoning of the repeated refusal of entry on the territory of Russia, which also infringes upon her fundamental rights.She is also unhappy with the lack of support from Chisinau and intends on Tuesday to visit the Ministry of foreign Affairs and European integration of Moldova, where he asked the Moldovan authorities to contribute more actively to solve its problems.Recall, Morar, which in December was denied entry to Russia, arrived with her husband Ilya Barabanov (reporter from the same newspaper, the citizen of Russia) in Moscow on 27 February, but it again was not allowed in the Russian Federation. The journalist refused to return to Moldova and stayed with her husband in Domodedovo three days, demanding to let her lawyer and inform them of the period for which she is denied entry into the Russian Federation. Source: Natalia Morari to Strasbourg takes the complaint against Russia. Читать полностью -->

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