Pregnant Nicole Kidman showed her tummy

Pregnant Nicole Kidman showed her tummy Many celebrities, being pregnant, trying to hide it from the public for as long as possible. But Nicole Kidman has decided to do otherwise.The actress shared the good news with the world from the beginning: at Christmas they reported it to their parents, and later the actress has already made an official statement.As photographers captured the moment, as the actress with obvious pleasure shows cute tummy girlfriends.The only thing is silent, Nicole, is the sex of a baby. The baby should be born in June and will be the first child for both mother and father - musician Keith urban. But it is likely that spouses will not stop.- Kate and I would love to have a big family, - quotes The Daily Mail, the recognition of the star. But I'm so happy I can't demand something else.Kidman also has two adopted children - 15-year-old Isabella and 13-year-old Connor. Source: Pregnant Nicole Kidman showed her tummy (photo). Читать полностью -->

In Italy awarded the film from Russia

In Italy awarded the film from RussiaOn the 9th festival of European cinema in the Italian city of Lecce "the Banishment" by Russian Director Andrei Zvyagintsev won two awards.Picture, first presented to the audience at the Cannes film festival last year, was included in the competition program with nine other films by young Directors from Denmark, Poland, Estonia, France, Italy, Spain, Germany and Croatia. The main prize of the show - a statuette of "Golden olive tree" - took neighbors, the Spaniards. "Chastity" brothers Tristan and David Ulloa talks about the conflict of generations of one family going through hard times. Spanish producers have also received a monetary reward in the amount of 5 thousand euros.The Russian film was awarded the prize for best screenplay and cinematography, ITAR-TASS reported. At the Cannes film festival picture of "Exile", as we won the prize for best actor.Meanwhile, the French press got carefully concealed information on the programme of the 61st Cannes film festival, which will take place from 14 to 25 may. Officially the cinematic secrets of the cГґte d'azur must be opened only on April 23. Читать полностью -->

Dima Bilan decided to marry

Dima Bilan decided to marryRussian singer Dima Bilan won the Eurovision song contest "Eurovision-2008", intends to marry.Before the trip to the competition, he admitted in an interview to "Komsomolskaya Pravda" that plans after his return from Belgrade, where this year takes place in the Eurovision song contest, to marry a well-known model Elena Kuletskaya.According to the publication, Bilan and Kuletskaya met two years ago in Paris, where now basically lives model. She later starred in the video for Bilan "It was love", which was shot in Morocco. Bilan has already made an offer and was accepted. Engagement ring cost the groom 25 thousand euros.In addition, on the wave of success at Eurovision Bilan intends to sell his new CD, and to pursue a career in show business.We will remind that on may 24 in the Serbian capital hosted the final of "Eurovision-2008", which resulted in 1st place Bilan. CM. Second place went to the Ukrainian Ani Lorak. Читать полностью -->

The soloist `Reflex` `pregnant` on a fashion show

The soloist `Reflex` `pregnant` on a fashion show The soloist of the group "Reflex" Zhenya Malakhova at a recent show designer Ilya Shiyan appeared in garb that is more suitable for pregnant women.Outfit Zhenya was really strange: light shirt with a floral print, bright blue leggings and a flared bottom dress "for pregnant women". During the conversation with journalists the girl clutched his stomach that has generated a lot of questions.Zhenya in response, smiled mysteriously and said, "I just hatched out a new album Blondes-126"."This is not a maternity dress, a trend jacket, which is now very urgent," explained the author of the collection Ilya Shiyan. But it will look great on pregnant women. Generally, a pregnant woman is beautiful. Thank you Anastasia and his Wife that they agreed to decorate my show with their presence. They fully met my expectations".By the way, a colleague of Eugene in the group "Reflex" Nastia Studenikina got an outfit of a different kind. Читать полностью -->

A rating of the sexiest women in the world

A rating of the sexiest women in the world Actress Megan Fox took first place in the list of 100 sexiest women in the world according to the results of the online voting on the website of the popular men's magazine FHM.21-year-old American who became famous after the movie "transformers", took the place of a pregnant Jessica Alba, who was first last year and which this year was on the third line, replaced the actress and former model Jessica Biel.The top five also hit canadian actress Elisha Cuthbert (4) and its American counterpart Scarlett Johansson (5th place)."Megan is a deserved winner of the title of FHM this year. She is young, sexy, she's a rising star and her sex appeal is definitely transformed the list this year. It has a great future," said the editor of FHM Online U. S. Giare Futrell.Fox debuted on the list in 2006 at 68 place, and last held the line 65. In Top10 canadian actress Emmanuelle chriki, American actress and singer Hilary Duff, canadian model Tricia, Helfer, aspiring American actress Blake lively and her more experienced British colleague Kate Beckinsale.A newcomer to the list was a former member of the Spice Girls and wife of footballer David Beckham, Victoria, which is located on the penultimate 99-th place. Читать полностью -->

Patrick Swayze was diagnosed with cancer

Patrick Swayze was diagnosed with cancerPopular Hollywood actor Patrick Swayze has started the course of treatment for diagnosed him with pancreatic cancer. On Wednesday the official representative of the 55-year-old actor Annette Wolfe, ITAR-TASS reported.According to the attending physician Swayze, George Fisher, a cancer was revealed the actor at an early stage and prescribed him a course of treatment promises to become effective. "Now Patrick continues to live his normal schedule, which includes work on a number of projects," - said in a statement, wolf. Swayze is now starring in the film "Oxide" and the TV movie "the Beast", which will be released later this year.A representative for the actor has denied rumors that the disease Swayze has gone too far and that he stayed only a few weeks. All messages that mention any deadlines associated with the prognosis, and side effects of treatment are a complete lie. Although pancreatic cancer is a very serious disease, Patrick she is in the early stages, and his body is responding well to treatment. Читать полностью -->

On the screens will be the most expensive porn movie

On the screens will be the most expensive porn movie April 1, the web will be the full version of the most expensive porn film in the history of European cinema.The picture, taken by Herve Bodyism, titled "Casino - No Limit" ("the Casino without borders) at the same time will be released on DVD. The producer of the film became a famous film Director and screenwriter mark Dorsel.For the first time in Europe budget porn film reached 230 thousand euros. Usually shooting raw porno on average spent 80 thousand euros.The movie "Casino - No Limit" is different from pornography not only costs, but also artistic level. "Pause" in the film fills the intense action: the heroes shoot and fight, imitating the "good and bad guys" of American fighters. As writes NEWSru Israel, tired of chases and fights, they go to casinos to gamble their yachts, girlfriends, and their own lives.The duration of "Casino - No Limit" is also longer than the average porn - picture 2 hours and 30 minutes. In addition, instead of 5 or 6 sex scenes, which are usually stuffed adult movies, "Casino - No Limit" contains 12 pornoepizodami.European, primarily French periodicals for the first time held a campaign porn, posting announcements. Читать полностью -->

Galkin will save Pugachev greetings from Kirkorov

Galkin will save Pugachev greetings from KirkorovNext week, the prima Donna of the Russian stage Alla Pugacheva celebrates its birthday. The singer will not be satisfied with sumptuous feasts in the Metropolitan restaurant. Like last year, Alla Borisovna will leave with Maxim Galkin abroad.It seems the comedian has become a tradition on the day of birth to take hypnotherapy out of Russia. Last year, the pair went to the prestigious resort of nice.This year Alla Pugacheva had other plans. According to "Komsomolskaya Pravda", the artist was planning to stage a solo concert in Moscow for his birthday, and after the convening of the guests in a prestigious restaurant in Moscow.But I had to change plans. A close friend of the divas Maxim Galkin again gave her for her birthday a trip abroad."To celebrate Pugacheva will be with Galkin in Baden-Baden, say the people around the star couple. Читать полностью -->

Friend Alexey Makarov knows how to keep a man

Friend Alexey Makarov knows how to keep a manFor the son of the famous actress Lyubov Polishchuk, actor Alexey Makarov has long enjoyed the reputation of a womanizer. Once in the show "Ice age" he "lit up" in a pair of Anna Semenovich, rumors about the adventures of an artist only increased.However, Alexei himself always insisted: Anna and his associates only job, and in his personal life he's happy with her girlfriend Anastasia Makeeva. About his girlfriend Makarov said a lot of flattering things.And more recently Anastasia herself told the truth about Alexei. According to makeieva, reputation Lovelace are unable to scare her."And information about his past has come to me is after the fact," explained Anastasia in a recent interview with "Moskovsky Komsomolets". - When we had to connect a certain thread... especially since I have not made inquiries about him from friends. Читать полностью -->

Sofia Rotaru health everything is in order

Sofia Rotaru health everything is in orderSofia Rotaru health everything is in order. According to the daughter-in-law 60-year-old singer Svetlana Evdokimova, which appeared in the newspaper "Your day" information about an upcoming Rotaru surgery to remove stones from the kidneys were false.Is false information, said in an interview with the Newspaper "Gazeta po-Ukrainski" Ms. Evdokimova. - Thank God, Sofia Mikhailovna with the kidneys all right. She is really going to improve their health. But it's planned two-week vacation, which she visits annually. Читать полностью -->