World premiere of the full-length `Sex and the city`

World premiere of the full-length `Sex and the city` Yesterday in London hosted the world premiere of the feature film "Sex and the City: The Movie", based on the beloved in many countries of the series.Premiere deliberately held in Europe, although the same "city", which appeared in the title is, of course, new York. British fans (mostly, of course, female) were very happy with this decision. Fans and journalists gathered around London's Odeon cinema in Leicester Square, had a chance to nomatica with performers of the main roles. Sarah Jessica Parker (Carrie), Kim Cattrall (Samantha), Kristin Davis (Charlotte) and Cynthia Nixon (Miranda) was happy to pose for photographers and answered questions. Pictures from the event, published today by the London portal Gossip Girls.Work on full-length martinoia the cult American TV series, produced by Sarah Jessica Parker, lasted for several years, the end of filming we wrote in December. In addition to the main heroines in the film appears Chris noth (well-known man in the Dream), Mario Canton (best friend Charlotte) and Willie Garson (Stanford Blatch, best friend Carrie), and Jennifer Hudson, who played assistant miss Bradshaw. Читать полностью -->

New singer `VIA gra` completely devoid of vocal

New singer `VIA gra` completely devoid of vocalAs you know, in the group "VIA Gra" has recently appeared a new participant - the winner of the contest "Miss Russia 2006 Tatiana Kotova. Visual appeal girls are undeniable, but her vocal skills leave much to be desired.Recall that after leaving the group gorgeous blonde Vera Brezhneva trio "VIA Gra" many months remained the Duo recovered after his Dzhanabaeva and Meseda Bagaudinova. The producers of the girl's team did not hurry to take a new soloist, meticulously examining all the possible candidates.But in the end Constantine Meladze and Dmitry Kostyuk decided once again to change the composition of their offspring."We once again turned the "VIA gra" from a Duo to a trio, adding to the group, another girl - 24-year-old resident of Rostov Tatiana Kotov. She sent us your CV and photos. We invited her to audition, then was given probation and eventually signed a contract with her," said one of the producers of the group, Dmitry Kostyuk in an interview with "Arguments and facts".The only problem was the lack of a brand new proper vocal. If two current soloist had a great experience on stage and to work in "VIA GRE", Tatiana did not know how to sing."Special music education she has no - shared Kostyuk, so now we put her voice. Читать полностью -->

Alexei Yagudin erection problems

Alexei Yagudin erection problemsThe idea that numerous novels skater Alexei Yagudin, described in the press, the invention of a clever PR people, gave us the sad story of the singer Anna Moravian (participants of the project "БаRхат"), writes "Express newspaper".- At a young age I, like many girls, attracted to the stars, " said Anna. - It seemed to me that they have a somewhat strange, not like the guys from our yard. But I was expecting a disappointment.I myself am from Sochi. And the first star, with whom fate brought me, was my fellow countryman Andrey Grigoriev from the group "Ivanushki". This was before he was taken into this group. At that time he lived in Sochi and worked as a model in the fashion Theater, Lyudmila Ivanova.By the standards of our city he was already a celebrity. Читать полностью -->

Star of TV series `Dynasty` old

Star of TV series `Dynasty` old Age takes its toll even in the case of the most famous Hollywood beauties. The star of the late 80s-early 90s American actress Heather Locklear was no exception.The other day the paparazzi photographed a 46-year-old actress in a very bad way to Hawaii, where she is starring in his new movie Flirting with 40. In the film, by the way, are we talking about a Mature divorced woman who falls in love with his young surfing instructor.Making early in his career, cosmetic surgery on the nose and inserting breast implants, since about last year Heather started getting into fashion now a lot of Botox injections and facelifts, which, although smoothed her skin, but made it so that the face began to look unnatural.In March of this year, the doctor doing the Locklear Botox injections, called 911 and told the dispatcher that the actress wants to commit suicide and asked me to come to her home. However the arrived doctors found Heather in good health. She said that there was a misunderstanding.However, to the credit of Heather Locklear should be noted that, despite her age, her figure, judging by the photos, still good, reports the Daily Mail.International fame at the time, Heather Locklear brought to the role in which lasted eight years, the TV series "Dynasty" and "soap Opera" "Melrose place. Eight times was nominated for a Golden globe. Читать полностью -->

Phil Collins completed his musical career

Phil Collins completed his musical career British musician Phil Collins has announced that never intend to take part in concerts or recording albums, and completes his musical career, writes The Times.57-year-old musician said that he would continue to write songs, not because they can do so.In 2007 he held a concert tour, reunion Genesis, where Collins was the drummer and vocalist. In addition to Genesis, where Collins played from 1970 to 1993, the musician has collaborated with jazz Band project X. Phil Collins has performed with Paul McCartney, Robert plant, sting, Eric Clapton and George Harrison.During his solo career, Collins has received seven Grammy awards and one Oscar for best soundtrack for the film. Albums Collins has outsold the Genesis records. Major Collins hits such as Against All Odds, One More Night, Separate Lives, Another Day in Paradise In the Air Tonight, they were written in the 1980-ies. Source: Phil Collins completed his musical career (photos). Читать полностью -->

Ukraine announced the rigged `Eurovision`

Ukraine announced the rigged `Eurovision`National television company of Ukraine and UT-1 are determined to pursue the deprivation of TV channel "RTR-the planet" broadcasting licenses in Ukraine.The acting head of the National television company of Ukraine Vasyl rasuk said that the victory of Dima Bilan on Eurovision-2008" is the result of fraud. With such statement rasuk made in interview to the newspaper "young Ukraine", RIA "New Region."After the second semi-final came to us and said that Ukraine was preparing the Palace of sports and dumplings - the first place the Russians was a shock to everyone. I don't personally know a single person who voted for Bilan. Called to the Balkans on national TV. There conducted a survey on the street after the announcement of results, and there was not a single person who voted for Russia," he said.Rasuk noted that the result was rigged, since the "points responsible of the communication company".Recall that the winner of the contest "Eurovision-2008", the final of which took place on may 24 in Belgrade, was recognized as the representative of Russia's Dima Bilan with the song "Believe". Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak with the song "Shady Lady" took the second place. Читать полностью -->

Da Vinci created the canons of beauty existing in our days

Da Vinci created the canons of beauty existing in our daysLeonardo da Vinci and other old masters created the canons of beauty that survived centuries. Five of the six neo-classical criteria, followed by the artists of the Renaissance in the definition of a beautiful face, was applicable in the modern world, writes The Times.Artists of the Renaissance, depicting a person's face, comply with the following rules: face width should be four times greater than the width of the nose and the height of the forehead, the length of the nose and chin should be the same. The only rule that in our days not used for the ratio of the size of the nose and lips.The researchers found that the Renaissance painters chose to depict more small mouth. According to a recent study, the most attractive is when the mouth is 1.6 times wider than the nose. Contemporaries da Vinci believed that the mouth should be wider nose 1.5 times.The rules created by the old masters, checked with the help of study: 36 volunteers were shown photos of 420 people, 32 of whom are celebrities. Actress Meg Ryan rated attractiveness first place, earning 8, 4 points out of 10, Rock hason was in second place with 7.8 points, Keanu Reeves - third (7,3) and Greta Garbo in fourth place (7 points). Читать полностью -->

Plushenko intends to deal with botulinum manly

Plushenko intends to deal with botulinum manlyLess than a month left before the song contest "Eurovision", where the honor of Russia will protect Dima Bilan. "KP" already wrote that in Belgrade go figure skater Evgeni Plushenko and violinist Edwin Marton.But it seems that detractors Bilan can't come to terms with the fact that the singer is going on "Eurovision". Businessman Victor Baturin has made another controversial statement announcing Bilan and Plushenko partakers of his wife and the producer of the singer Yana Rudkovskaya in a hostile takeover of his property. Threatening a renowned athlete, Bilan Rudkovskaya and the criminal case on this fact.Recall that Buchanan claims that all rights to stage image Bilan belong only to him. And businessman categorically against participation Plushenko in the bidding room of the singer.- To date, neither previously nor Bilan no information on this fact law enforcement was submitted. But in regards to Baturin criminal case is not yet closed! He threatened Jane with a gun, " said the "KP" in the press service of Bilan.To dot the "i", we called Evgeny Plushenko.- I intend to deal with botulinum like a man! - said "KP" Plushenko. Читать полностью -->

Ashlee Simpson is expecting a baby

Ashlee Simpson is expecting a babyNewlyweds ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz say that expecting a baby, reports AP."Although it was rumored, we wanted to wait until after the first three months, before officially confirm that we are expecting our first child, - stated in the message in the blog of a Secure environment in. - This is truly the most joyous time in our lives and we are delighted to share this happy news and start family life".23-year-old Simpson and 28-year-old musician band Fall Out Boy got married earlier in may at my parents ' house Simpson in Los Angeles. Maid of honor was her sister Jessica Simpson. The couple started Dating in the fall of 2006, and April 9, they announced their engagement.'s latest album, ashlee Simpson titled Bittersweet World was released last month. For the first week he took fourth place in the ranking of the Billboard 200, and on her page on MySpace songs from the album listened to more than 19 million times. Source: ashlee Simpson is pregnant. Читать полностью -->

The Guild of Directors has approved a new contract with the studios

The Guild of Directors has approved a new contract with the studiosThe Directors Guild of the USA on Wednesday night ratified a new contract with the producers Alliance of cinema and TV films, Reuters reports.For a new contract that Directors and studios will sign for three years, was voted by the majority of the 13 thousand members of the Guild. Exactly the number of approved and disapproved contract writers, the leadership of the Guild refused to name.The Guild of Directors, unlike the Union of writers, was able to negotiate with the studios about the changing conditions of cooperation without resorting to a strike. The Directors have made a substantial increase in payments for the sale of movies and TV shows on DVD and distributing them via the Internet.The agreement reached between the Directors and studios on January 17, hastened the negotiations between the writers Guild and the Alliance of producers. The writers also seek increased contributions from the sales of their work on DVD and via the Internet, November 5, was the strike. To agree a new contract with the writers and studios are only at the beginning of February. Members of the writers Guild during the vote, has approved a new contract.The new Treaty is not yet ratified, however, the writers have already resumed work on the terms of the interim agreements, which they began to conclude with the studios after the leadership of the Guild has announced the successful completion of negotiations with the Union producers. Читать полностью -->

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